Satandy’s BIG Guide (from my own gameplay) 😈






You guys are talking about comfort, which is subjective. A pretty bad mouse or keyboard can have their downsides (beside input delay, which nowadays is not an existing problem, even the lowest brand does ok in that regard), but a player can adapt to it.

I started playing this game on a pc that, now, is 10 years, pretty awful stats, and a mouse and keyboard which were laughable. Using that equipment for a long time allowed a good comfort balancing, but it’s specific to that. Switching just a piece of equipment in a case like this, with no info whatsoever about it, will require a careful work on it till you get a result.

Higher quality equipment instead has visible stats and programs to balance them, once found a comfort zone in this case all you have to do is compying the stats on an other one, maybe doing some tiny lil change.

I made this explaination as easy as possible (there are many more variables which are not relevant to my point) so I could deliver the actual sense of it all. Everything gets the job done, it’s all muscle memory.
To this day I don’t own any pure gaming equipment, a waste of money for what I have to use them for. I have a low brand mouse and it took me few weeks to get used to it, with 0 info about anything it does.

Obviously gaming equipment has it’s role and it is important, but most of the times it’s just overkill.

Remember this is a browser game, low requirements pc stats wise. Why in the world would you take in consideration stuff that goes way beyond its league…

P.S. I did use a gaming mouse and keyboard, I do have actual nerd friends which buy stuff just to optimize, which by itself is already too much.


Well point is clear there,ofc if u can’t aim at all,expensive stuff not gonna change it. Too light mouse gonna slide everywhere,but generally mouse should be adopted to ur hand size and such. U can get used on it after some time but again, mouse that is lays nice in ur hand gonna be better. Why I mentioned it (comment about it is up) is for players to see is this that type of the game where it will play some role.

Again, thats out of guide, easily to skip for ppl who wants directly to read guide only so I don’t see a big issue there.


Neither am I, but I wanted to make it clear anyway. People seem a bit off about it


And another thing is how u can bound double click on gaming mouse + a lot of options for sensitivity,u can bound even abilities (example: to use tanks bubble and bomb at the same time) etc.
so it can change the way of playing. Didn’t test this on my own mainly because I’m too lazy to experiment with settings,but yeah,it is possible.
And ye, there is a confusion about it,I agree.


lol the fact that the fft community can argue about something so pointless is beautiful. it’s why i still havent left. i love u guys <3

(even u, andrea)


Gotta say, I agree on this. Cumi and I can discuss every time about different things, but with others seems to me just denying because it wasn’t understood on a proper way or just because I said it and there is no difference between saying one or another thing.

U can hate me Blade or love me, at the end of the day, I’ll always say how things stand. If u think about it, to u personally I never gave a reason for ‘hate’ or w/e, it was pretty opposite before and I still don’t hate u. I don’t hate anyone actually.


wait did u just say ur always right

also rejoin discord lol


No, not talking about that at all. If u ask a question and I reply on it, u might not like the answer, but doesn’t mean the answer is false. I’m not trying to make things sound better compared to reality. That’s what I meant.

About Discord part, ppl can contact me here or pm me on discord, I’m in other channels now and playing with really nice ppl from NA in multiple games, really no good reason for me to go back there since I quit as FFT player long time ago and I’m around only for work stuff. Hope this explains.


Let’s admit it…

I’m the life of the party :wink:


Dead party, I’m with u in this one :smirk: :100:



well fft was supposed to be a team based game, as evidenced by the original devs’ vision

also theres no way u can deny the subjectivity of equipment

but yeah ok

(i love how petty we are)


@UM_a is FFT team based game?

And u pointed well on that one actually. ‘Was supposed’. I didn’t say otherwise. It was supposed to be, but in 3 years I didn’t notice much of team work. Except when playing with some ppl, which I can count on one hand.


lol u shouldnt use the present tense
i dont think it is anymore
i dont think it has been for a while

u could also argue that it’s barely been a game for a while, though
what im saying is that in its golden age it was a team based game, and it was intended to be


Yeah it’s incredible to know the lengths people can go to prove a point or share an opinion. I guess that’s what makes us human.


Do I smell a Grammer Nazi here? Then this is for u.


When I said ‘was’ it was pointed on how game was planned 5 years ago.


It has never been a proper team based game, in the “golden age” I just saw people trying to win.

I stated this once (I don’t remember where), but the best way to play this game is getting kills, being as offensive as possible. There is no real teamwork is just “oh I see a dude, I’ll try to kill him”, any hero (even the tanks) do a ton of damage. They should have sort of different positioning and such, but that doesn’t happen, because there isn’t a real defensive way to play, beside stacking up shocker shields…


Only support classes depend more on other players in KILLS their team do, other than that like being protected is impossible to do, even with tank.