Satandy’s BIG Guide (from my own gameplay) 😈


I wouldn’t go for second thing because if u focus too much on that Gunner, u not gonna pay much attention on other things.

As I said, I’m making guides on my own gameplay, but rest can say how they play some class, as well ^^


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Pretty good tech guide but i’d add that a well timed “e” kick on an enemy is no end of fun.


Thanks :smiley:
I didn’t add Nano surge because it can be good, but depends on which class.
‘That was cute, tech. Tickled me’ - Blaster, Tank.


Admittedly against heavies you better run or your going down in a blaze of humility but against a lot of other foes its just such a fun troll manouvre


these are actually pretty bad guides


It’s decent. The stuff about the type of mouse/keyboard she has was pretty useless info and doesn’t matter at all:


Sensivity on mouse is actually pretty important. Players should know is this that type of the game where mouse/keyboard gonna impact gameplay or not (if this explains it better why I put that part in start).

@Blade47 as I said, guide is not made for ‘how to play’, it’s how I play the game and someone might find something fun to try or simple to read how I do it. I don’t consider them bad, but apparently u do, so stick with ur own guide then.


Okay. I don’t want to know how you play, though. Also, any guide on sensitivity is stupid. Everyone has their own. This goes for literally every game. The same is true for other equipment. Thanks for letting me know that an 80$ keyboard is better than a 15$ one.


The mouse/keyboard does not impact gameplay at all. Whether it’s a $1000 mouse or a $5 mouse, it still does the same thing. I could afford an expensive mouse but I brought a $7 mouse from amazon and I was considered one of the best snipers for a long period of time. Buying expensive equipment makes no difference. Sensitivity is important when sniping but everyone has to find their own sensitivty individually with tral and error.


Personally I think mouse and keyboard do have an impact on your gameplay. The weight and comfort of the mouse and the tactile feedback of the keyboard do affect your overall experience if not hugely but in subtle ways. And I’m not talking how expensive the equipment is per se, but rather it’s quality. Generally, more expensive means better quality.
It’s true that people can find the sensitivity that suits them but knowing a pro player’s sensitivity gives them an opportunity to test out their perspective and adopt it if it suits them better (that’s what I did). That I believe was the point of this topic. Andrea clearly mentioned that this is her playing style and nobody is forced to follow it.


Exactly. Mechanical keyboards has faster response and mouse u can set up as well. As example, reaction is faster and shots are faster. I did used before for a very long time cheap mouses and if there is no difference, no one would pay 60-70$ more for something that is not really changing anything (starting from myself). Thats why i mentioned it here to see is it really changing gameplay and if it is, on what way. Might someone wants to try my sensitivity and see is that fits for him/her, since I did struggle a lot to find a right one for myself. And it was a point, but since Andrea said it, it can’t be correct no matter what.
In title i put it’s from my own gameplay and I cover some basics, added gifs to make it more interesting and actually spent time on it. Not saying it’s the best guide u will ever see, it’s just a bit different guide which follows my way of playing FFT.
No one is forced to read, it’s on forum for ppl who wants to read game stuff, no to throw hate just because I wrote it. Cheers.


I’m sticking to what I said. The price of the mouse/keyboard makes no difference or no noticeable difference at all. Like I said I had a extremely cheap mouse and still sniped well.


Congrats if mouse and keyboard don’t matter to you. It means you are inherently skilled. I wish I was too :pensive:


lol, when I started I was not good just like everyone else. Through practice, I became better and that’s all that matters in most games. The price of your equipment won’t change much if you can’t play properly.


the point is settings and equipment are both subject to individual taste and opinion. it goes without saying that more expensive stuff is usually better so idk why she said it.


How can u notice a difference if u didn’t try out different stuff?


Playing FFT i used 2 different mouses. A more expensive one at first in the first few years i played FFT and later on i purchased one for about 5-7 bucks. There was absolutely no difference in game play because the mouse was cheaper. The only thing that i had to adjust to was the size of the cheaper mouse. It was smaller then my old mouse so i had to get used to playing with a smaller mouse and after about 2 days that problem was solved. The more expensive gaming mouses might have a few perks, but it’s still the same thing for the most part.

Note: This is my opinion, I’m not saying it’s a fact. This is based off of my experience playing, so everyone is different.


Hey Rja you got Andrea to respond to you, gj.

Tbh though, while having a different mouse or a different keyboard does make a difference, it shouldn’t really make a difference in how you play. It’s like having two different shirts, generally you’ll still run the same in them. Sure it feels different and maybe it’s not as comfortable, but you’ll still do about the same. It’s all about comfort and has little actual effect on the gameplay.