Satandy’s BIG Guide (from my own gameplay) 😈




As expected. :slight_smile:




I’m also a very so-so sniper, but I agree with this :+1:
In fact, what I like the most when I hit a target is the sound it makes. I like that sound.

If I can allow myself to be a total, complete suck-up, I’d say that I drink every single word you write like it was ambrosia :innocent:


I used to love sniping lmfat. He was so good at tank, sniping him made me feel so pro xD. Still haven’t met a tank as good as him, sorry waffles.


I still didn’t see Tank fast as mncj… x’D
I love playing Bomber vs lmfat. He adores it.

Thank u for reading <3


Was and still and will always be,
RIP Fatty



He is still playing lol.


He still plays. Just under an alt, I won’t say who though.


munchin crunchin was the only tank that ever made me go eww, i dnt want to fight him. fatty played the same style as CW and i had plenty of practice vs CW so fatty was not intimidating to me due to his precedence and me knowing his playstyle. mncj was just so in your face non-stop.


You can’t beat fatty tho. I don’t really remember mn’s play style for tank. I mostly recall him using commando 24/7.


bomber vs fatty kept me coming back to this game for ages, it was so satisfying to stun him over and over. He is still definately 1 of the best tanks ever though


Lmao he hates snipers and any type of stun.


i couldnt beat a tomato anymore, but i never tried to beat fatty, his playstyle was just as counterable as my own. Only mncj had no counter play, he never let you breath. My few memories of him were me telling him to F off out loud when he kept riding my tank hammer *winkyface*


Lol ok. But let’s get back on topic.


Mncj was better than fat imo. I know mn rly well though so im kinda biased. Fat had speed, but mn hit harder. The way I see it:

slim=hard to kill
fat=hard to catch
mn=hard to beat


theyre all much cleaner than any of us


thanks helpful guide


Updated with Tech guide


(Just some thoughts, sorry if I’m not clear.)

I use the heal gun to gather speed fast and have more random movements.

I grab wathever I can with the heal gun, try to go behind the enemy and use my pulser. Move with heal gun, fire with pulser.

EDIT: learn to move with your heal gun (like when I play scout, I let the sword tell me where to go). When I play tech, I consider my teammates like hooks and shields. If a tank bubbles up, I’m dead.

2 things to add:

  • You can use nanosurge to make your enemy stumble, preferably on a mine. For this to work, the enemy’s shield (aka blue bar) must be empty.

  • The pulser is a good weapon that shoots in a straight line. While you dodge the shots of a sniper (using broken/random moves), you can shoot him from capture point.

always depends on the situation, sure

Indeed, it’s a great opportunity to share opinions :slight_smile: