Satandy’s BIG Guide (from my own gameplay) 😈


I wasn’t arguing, i was having a simple discussion. The thing is people always assume that people are arguing. Idk about the others but I was just stating my opinion about a subject that was brought up. If I was arguing my tone would’ve been completely different.

The thing is you feel as if you’re always right and when people argue against your point apparently “we don’t understand properly” or you think we’re against you “because you said it”. No… It’s just because we disagree, you’re not always right in everyone’s eyes.[quote=“Ares4, post:76, topic:3990, full:true”]
Yeah it’s incredible to know the lengths people can go to prove a point or share an opinion. I guess that’s what makes us human.

I feel like you were talking about me since you only really had a discussion with me about the mouse thing. I never went to any “lengths” to prove a point or share my opinion lmao? How is me typing a simple post making you think this? We had a discussion about a stupid mouse/keyboard, what’s the big issue with everyone? Or is everyone sensitive? Like I don’t understand how a basic conversation about mouse/keyboard turned out this way.


A misunderstanding. I was talking about all of us in general including me. :smiley:


The discussion of mouse/keyboard was just sharing of opinion. It was nothing personal. If there’s any place that’s​ good for arguments and opinion sharing it’s this very forum. And I respect everyone’s views and ideas.


Oh, I’m sorry.


Heey there’s nothing to be sorry about. If it was anyone’s fault it was mine. I’m sorry. :innocent:


Just because it never was a team based game doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to be a team based game.


I didn’t say it isn’t, it never succeeded. The premise was that one though


@Belisaurius11 and @UM_a, exactly.


I said the same? Lol



Should I do another one and if yes, for which class?


One on bomber would be nice, it’s a not so player friendly class and I’ve heard you play it well.

o btw if downloadable or steam version ever comes out would you return to FFT?


Can do for Bomber but Bomber isn’t good with Webgl so taking videos of it would be a major pain.

Yeh, maybe.


Blaster :joy:


That one can be done in 1 min.


Your How-To Guide to Blasting : For Dummies
Slide and spam rockets


I need a positive response for blaster!


Blaster can wrap itself in a big plastic bag and drown in miami beach.


doing that is called macroing, and it’s complete bull.




I know how is it called and I personally never use macro in any game. Ppl do use it, but mostly in MMOs since smashing 2-3 buttons constantly can be tiring in raids and sometimes it’s the only way to pull out max damage.