Satandy’s BIG Guide (from my own gameplay) 😈


Rank: Marshal
Playing since: 2014.
Most played class: Gunner.
Favourite class: wiggly Bomber.

Before anyone starts reading it, few things you should know.
1) This is my way of playing FFT. Since I’m ending up with wins and nice kdrs, was thinking it might help someone to improve their gameplay or simple try it out, see is it working for him/her.
2) My native language is not English, so probably you will see grammar mistakes here and there, sorry for that, i’ll try to do my best.
3) Hope you gonna enjoy reading it, prepare for the wall of text.

A bit about PC setup

Still gotta try and say is there a real difference between mechanical and cheap keyboard. So far 15$ one worked well for me (I’m using flat keyboard couple of years) so i’ll edit this part next month or at the end of this one.
Use sound in the game. Multiplayer shooter is that type you need a sound for many things like footsteps and what I found most important, cloaked Assassins. By turning on cloak I can pretty much ‘detect’ how far from me they used ability. If you want to play on more ‘pro’ way, you should do like this. Sometimes I don’t do it, which results with a bit more deaths BUT, since I’m a big fan of loud music, in one hand it helps me to focus more with Gunner (I still have a sound from the game btw, so it’s not completly silenced).
Mouse - most important part. Tried out everything. From 5$ mouses, to 15$ ones and at the end 70$. Reaction is faster with 70$ one. If you want to play effective, spend some time on setting DPI, finding right mouse sensivity for you. I tried Gunner on very high sensivity and very low, there is a big difference. Mouse pad can play important role here. Advantage with lower sensivity is being more accurate, but switching to AR can be a bit painful. With lower sensivity you can do faster shots, but might impact accuracy.
Bad internet - hello lag! Having a red ping is bad for you, your teammates and especially enemy. Hits gonna have delay, many players even teleport. Try to put it on minimum. Don’t run many programs while playing FFT, download anything, pick a right server with lowest ping (as possible).
Old graphics, how it looks like? Even if you have a good internet, with very old graphics card, teleporting is possible. No real tips here, just don’t be surprised if someone says that you teleport. Remember, person who lags sometimes can’t see his/her own lag.


Not gonna lie, I’m not super-accurate person. I play too often with random sensivity and that’s something I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. But here is a little trick - after you play some time, since FFT does’t have many maps, you just get used on distance and where/how to land hits. Be a fast sniper, once you get used on distance, should be able to do a lot of headshots.
This is my sensivity, it’s actually pretty high (in game and 1200 DPI setup on PC).

Learning how your enemy plays is more important than you think. Does he jumps? Does he slides too much?
Thanks to the popular style from 1 year ago or more, everyone was jumped left and right. First I was like: ok, how am I supposed to counter this (as someone who is more on the ground)?
Target legs/foot and there - nailed it! People who jumps often gets behind a cover of side walls and got less focus then you - a ground sniper.
Footwork - what to do and to not be copy-paste of other players? What Gunner with more experience learns is that every Gunner player has his/hers own style. If more players copy footwork from another player, once when you learn how to counter it, you got answer on it for more than one player.
How my footwork looks like? From what players told me, they actually liked it. I am a completly random person. One day I will be too lazy to move much, other day I will dance in front of my base, sniping. Jumping, going in circle, small moves to the left and right, fast Q, literally everything. Maybe actually someone noticed I don’t use Q that much since as much as it gives you advantage in damage, also can make you an easy target. Other sniper not targeting you, when you have open shot on him, great, use it.
Rememeber to never be a ‘sitting duck’. Going outiside of the base, sitting constantly will just make you too easy to kill.
Never, but never be constantly in scope. You are a sniper, you need probably 3 pair of eyes (just kidding, 1 is enough). Aim on target, hit, kill, fast swap to another but also check from time to time tunels and behind your back (they will always try to be sneaky). Target that you hit once disappeared from your line of sight? Track him! Follow where did he go, you don’t want surprise attack and bomb directly on your head (30 seconds of respawn, I’m watching at you).
One of the best tips I got from one person, when I started to play a Gunner (mainly focused on sniping) is that you should not run often. Instead of that, be offensive, deal damage. Maybe you gonna die, yea it sucks, but if your teammate is near that enemy, he can finish him. That’s still something, right? Use rail as much as possible. If you get that headshot, he is pretty much done there.
Gunners role, what is it supposed to be?
Now, I’ve literally seen everything possible connected with this. Long distance - more rail damage, simple as that. What you want to do as sniper is to support your team from back lines. Please, don’t be like these - constantly targeting some sniper, acting like it’s 1v1 and entire match like that. Playing in Shuttle/Moon base/ Space Station? Clean enemy team from objective instead! That should be main focus of the Gunner, plus you gonna hit another Gunner when he is not really expecting it. I even like when they target me, that is distracting them from the objective and guess what, my team always wins these matches.
‘Space Station desese’ - He slides…and slides…and slides…Dear Lord :pensive:. Ok, let’s see does this make any sense. You are a sniper. Which means you have one ranged weapon. Why the hell would you slide from your base, entire line of Space Station to reach me, another sniper, near my own base? The best part of it? They always slide in one line, right on my scope, while crossair is on their heads. Just don’t. You look silly by doing this and wasting much time on sliding, could kill 4 of them already.

Maps - become a master of map, instead of mastering some class.

Moon Base, positioning

Okay, this one might be tricky. Map is kinda broken, hits goes more ‘up’ and air shots often misses enemy. Also, switching to AR gonna happend more often, center point is one huge mess, I usually go with AR and shatters there.
These are places from where I usually snipe, depending on point to capture.

Same point but different position. If you ask me, the best one, it takes a bit of time until they notice you.

This time, on the boxes or whatever it is. Just don’t stay too long here, point is very close.

Bridge - for top point.

Paralel sniping. Red arrows are one option, yellow circles another (left one should be point). Enemy won’t expect you to be near their base.

Shuttle Bay, positioning

Most of these places are used. Not much choice in Shuttle considering it’s a really small map. So what you need to do is constantly circle around. Personally I don’t like sniping on top of my base, somehow ending up running on wall behind me, feels weird. But that’s just me, many feel comfy sniping from that spot, near is hp and a cover, if there is need for it.

Advantage: High ground, covering bottom and top of the ship, left and right side, small part of the ship (where enemy team most likely gonna enter)
Disadvantage: Not being able to cover entire point and top of the enemy base.

Bottom, between ship and base.
Advantages: Covers enemy base, bottom, left and right side, got for tracking some target.
Disadvantages: Easy to notice, bad position for capture point.

Almost same as second one, usually I snipe from here if I’m about to finish somone who tries to run in the base for hp or before I swap to high ground.

Top of the ship. Not a bad spot, but you should not stay here too long.

Top of tunels. Also, my favourite one.
Advantages: High ground, open shots for entire capture point, covering both bases, space between ship and bases.
Diaadvantage: Only bottom of the ship, but nothing to worry. You can always drop down and go back.

Space Station, positioning

The best map for snipers. Some absolutely hate it because how gravity feels, but that is just advantage for a sniper. Long hallways, not many spots from where enemy can sneak and usually you have them on scope entire time. 80% of time in front of my base, constantly changing platforms. If I’m not there, I usually switch to top of the tunels or pick up a few kills while going for ammo/hp or running from very annoying Assassins.

Now, this covers spot I highly wouldn’t recommand, I did saw some ppl snipe from here, just don’t understand why. Everything is ‘shaking’ if you try to move a bit and some hits can’t reach, so… I avoid it. Playloads should be main focus, your job is to clean them so teammates can capture safely.

Payload is near base and still want to play Gunner, what to do?
Hell, it’s time to bomb everyone with shatters (3/3 missed, good job me). Stop using railgun, it’s pointless. Damage that you deal won’t be high and it’s time to take over payload, if you don’t want to lose.

Target priority

If you want to lead with this, might help you with constant wiping enemy team in the shortest possible time. Someone will say - go for the support first. I don’t agree.
Go for targets on which you have 100% open shot and then go on the rest.
If someone is interupting capping or constesting payload, trying to destroy Aegis of Shocker, help out there. He is focused on something else, your chance to kill him there. Stop ignoring Turrets and Aegis of enemy team. Seriously. I see my teammates Gunners doing this, I see the enemy team Gunners doing as well. Distanced shots at lvl 3 Turret is nothing for a Gunner. Just because you don’t get a kill for it, doesn’t mean it’s not helpful.

As i mentioned before, I’m never fully scoped. Sometimes I use no scope (on shorter distances), quick scope or im in scope unless I kill that target, then check around/looking for another target. Air shots, helped me to improve aim (a lot).

Absolutely wrong logic :triumph:- that sniper killed me with rail, he/she is better than me, so I will switch to AR and shatters, potencially attacking from the back. Don’t. You learn from mistakes. Watch what that Gunner do, what makes him be better than you. Keep using rail and gonna see the progress after some time. Nothing can’t be achived over night.

Now, this is from perspective of sniper who switches to AR when I have to - close range on sliding Gunners who falls from god-knows-where, Assassins, Scouts and very annoying fatass Tanks…

Gonna add more guides soon, thanks for reading. Feel free to leave comment or ask any question. :smile:


3 different styles of gameplay:

  1. Healer
  2. Offensive
  3. Combo of healer and offensive Tech

bonus: 4) That guy who stays in base, healing Turret ←- Get out, please.

Okay, so depending on style, depends as well how entire gameplay gonna look like.
As healer, can be even a pocket healer, Tech usually sticks with his team, set up Turret on some spot. Back on pocket healer, this class is simple bad at it. Lack of mobility, every single hero (except his best friend Shocker) is faster than him. So, in most cases, when he tries to pocket heal someone, he is left behind.
Offensive healer won’t heal anyone except himself, using Nano surge and Turret for attack, combinated with Pulser. Maybe he won’t be even on point, camping some spot near hp instead. I usually don’t play like this, unless for trolling only.
Combo of healer and offensive Tech is something what I play and personally found most interesting. Constantly switching between Pulser and healing. If team is losing hp massive, I jump in the middle, using Nano surge for group healing. Don’t use auto target, unless you are following teammate in the air.

Best places for Turret

Tech is simple weak. Easy to take out, Nano surge is not healing enough and it heals way too slow. Turret is easy to break, even on level 3. As I said, his mobility is really lame. But, doesn’t mean anyone should give up on Tech and he can be fun to use.

From what I said earlier, Turret sucks in many ways. Damage that it deals is low, auto targeting on enemy slow and if multiple enemies enter where your turret is, it gets confused. So, how to use Turret and on what way, what should be the best place for him?

In Dock, that is my favourite place for it. Call it a dead corner. Snipers can’t take it out, it’s coverd.

Unlike Aegis where I go for ground, Turret should be placed on top, at least in Dock. Moon base and Space Station don’t have much choice, so I sorta use my Turret as ‘bait’ to step on mines, by placing them under it.

A bit different using of Turret is escape method. If you are running and somone is chasing u, place the Turret while running. Now, why would you do such a (on a first look) useless thing, if Turret won’t do much damage? Enemy gonna stop doing damage on you and auto lock on Turret instead. And yea, I tried this many times and worked out well for me.

Combo of healer and offensive Tech - when to swap weapons + few other things

Depends on your and the enemy team. If the enemy team is nothing special, just a casual match, feel free to leave capture point more often. This goes for any class, including Tech - never stay on one place pulser is nice to finish off some target. Sure you can kill them 1v1 but with way higher risk. Example: You and your teammate Tank are facing another Tank. Teammate Tank uses bubble, which means you can’t heal him. Pull out pulser instead and do damage. If big fights are happening on the capture point, stick with team and use healing; purpose is to stay alive and save your team, if it’s possible (or at least most of them). Said this bunch of times to people with who I play - healing a bad team is useless. If they don’t do damage and constantly die, nothing you can do there as healer. If you notice this is happening, go offensive healer instead or switch class. Main difference between a bad and good healer is in that a good healer knows when to pull back a bit, bad healer just gonna stand dumb or go directly in the middle of fights. Luckly, even if Tech is not the greatest with mobility, FFT still has high mobility compared to many other games. Which means there is enough space for dodging. I kinda dodge with Tech on the same way as I use Gunner.

About Hyper charge

R ability aka Hyper charge makes your teammate gain attack speed on few seconds (also you can use Hyper charge on Turret and Aegis). If Tech dies, means that his % of building R ability is lost. And thats why it’s the best to not save it for too long. Use if big fights are about to happend or to give adventage on your teammate over the enemy. The best classes to use on are Tank, Blaster, Commando and Bomber. Scout can be decent with it, Gunner who uses AR as well. Have in mind that Hyper charge can ‘be lost’ if you try to use it on ally who is too far.

One trick with jump pads - Air ninja Tech

This goes for Space station and Moon base maps.
1) Space station - since Tech is really bad on this map, was thinking how I can make him a bit faster. This method gives 2 things - nice escape and ninja attack. Jump pads gotta be placed on line where payload goes. Watch to put them bit far from it since if jump pad is too close to the payload, you can hit top of it (that big ‘metal’ part up) instead of ending on another platform.

2) Moon base - I use this to reach points faster. Also I place Turret when I am close enough (while I am still in the air) and throw mines on point before reaching it.

These are some gifs from gameplay which includes what I said in text. Had to upload some on drive instead (gifs are maximum 15 seconds) so click on the link to check it out. Seems to me it’s more fun to show it visually than throw bunch of words until you die reading.

smol,but mighty

Alright, there are few basic things about Bomber, before I move to something more complicated.

First, Bomber is the only class that can’t capture. He can only in condition where the enemy team is wiped out and respawning.
Second, always but always have Q ready to use and always have at least 1 bomb (more later about it).
Third, Bombers role is single target dps or dps + support. Bomb is part of his support kit and it can be game changing in certain situations.
Fourth, Bomber is THE ONLY class that has a fair chance in winning 1v1 against any other class if u manage to play it on that level.**

Bomber - Tank eater

Any Tank will probably say that Bomber is the most annoying enemy to face. First - Tank can’t catch Bomber in stun chain from mauler. But most important things are - Bomber can slow down Tank drastically, find opening for bomb with rotating around him and probably most important fact that many not experienced Bombers don’t know - Hail Raiser passes over Tanks shield (regular one, not bubble).


Air Supermacy (Q) - non stop canceling it without full usage. Can be used for both - escape and attack. There are special situations where Bomber should fully use this ability; situation example: versing Blaster with full hp. In case Bomber runs out of Q, if Blaster lands knock down mid air with HRL, that 1v1 easily becomes nightmare for Bomber. The only way to avoid this is to kill him before he kills u, use 2-3 bombs and always be above him. Remember how this is the only ability that makes u ‘tanky’ and not getting wiped out in 1 Assassin or Scout combo.

Pocket Nuke (E) - many makes mistake with this skill by using it for escape only. In fact, this is ‘the ultimate weapon’ against Scouts and Assassins. It can be used for escape, for sure, more like oh s*** button, but he benefits the most by knocking down enemies and ending above them.
Space station - also can be used for fast switching between platforms and tunel escape (open roof parts).
It’s possible to use it during sliding which is actually really fun.

Flare bomb (F) - this is more important than both of Bomber’s weapons. Flaire bomb has huge radius which means u don’t have to land direct hit. Stun is huge bonus. Take it as better version of Tanks Concussion bomb since it has also fire as overtime damage. Always have at least one bomb considering it can be life saver when using it to run away.
Tip: before engaging enemy with ur weapons, throw bomb. It’s a nice stun surprise, especially for snipers.

Maps and Bomber

Arena - he simple isn’t good here even if there is plenty of space for him to fly around. Reasons are very simple: high ramps and anti gravity where enemies might gonna use it to kill u. Another reason is closed space in middle where are hp packs.

Moon Base - great map for Bomber. Easy to always be in air, pick up ammo and go way above enemy team. Another good thing is that u can keep track when they walk outside of the base, so it leaves u a bit of space for capturing.

Shuttle bay - map where sliding and anti-cancel are crucial. Also his support role is great for this map considering that enemies most likely gonna be grouped on capture point. Might be little bit problematic how there are only 2 spots where ammo spawns, so having ammo requisition equipped is desirable when it comes to Bomber.

Space Station - this map is tricky and only because of one reason called snipers. It’s well known that Gunner simple dominates this map and most likely he will stick near own base which means u need to reach him without getting sniped in meantime. Other than that, there is no much space for moving high above. But he can be really good if used correctly. The only tip I can give for this one is to play a lot in Space Station and use the map in ur advantage as knowing it perfectly. In fact, I started using Bomber in this map.

Worst enemies - Scout, Blaster, Gunner.
Tips for countering them

Scout - alright, Submachine gun and Chop ® are one of ur worst enemies. Bomber is fast but Scout is faster. So what to do in that situation? Here comes the part about Air Supremacy and having it always ready to go. Proper way of using it is combination of sliding whenever no one is chasing u and to turn it off and on, NEVER use fully Q. So, what’s so special about this ability? It gives damage reduction, as long as enemies are under u. So that removes fighting Scout in open area. Bomber isn’t friendly for closed space since he has air advantage, but this is that case where fighting in hallways will be of use. Make Scout follow u, use Pocket Nuke for knocking him, bomb for stun and Mini Launchers. Keep in mind to have enough distance to not impact urself with launchers or to stun urself with bombs.

Blaster - ok, this one has more hp and his Q gives damage reduction as well. This might be the only exception where using fully Q seems reasonable. No matter what, don’t allow Blaster to go above u. Most likely they gonna use HRL and it will knock u if u are out of Q. I wouldn’t recommend going on him without having 2-3 bombs. Switching between launchers and hail (for slow) is how I usually fight them.

Gunner - AR is not a joke and it has pretty huge range. Any experienced Gunner will try to snipe Bomber. Going too low will result in death since Gunner can use E to be above u. Standing near wall isn’t the best idea either since shatter can hit u. So go above a bit more than usual, use bomb and E for stun and launchers. Good thing here is how Bomber isn’t easy to headshot since he is tiny and fast.

Other enemies vs Bomber

Tech vs Bomber - stay out of range from Turrets beam. Mini Launchers + Flaire bomb.
Tank vs Bomber - Air Supremacy + Pocket Nuke (situational) + Mini Launchers (situational) + Flare bomb ( used by hitting Tank from behind to avoid hitting his shield) + Hail Raiser (for slow in case he tries to run away and to damage over his shield)
Bomber vs Bomber - Air Supremacy + Pocket Nuke + Hail Raiser
Commando vs Bomber - Air Supremacy + Pocket Nuke + Flare bomb + Mini Launchers (Mini has more range, u should never go in close combat when it comes to Commando. Also, try lurking him in hallways).
Shocker vs Bomber - Hail Raiser to destroy Aegis. Air Supremacy + Mini Launchers (same as for Commando, don’t go in range how Shocker’s Innervate otherwise u end up as dead meat, for that same reason don’t risk with Pocket Nuke) + Flare bomb.
Assassin vs Bomber - Air Supremacy + Pocket Nuke + Mini Launchers + Hail Raiser (situational, but mostly for slowing down if needed) + Flare bomb
Blazer vs Bomber - basically another ‘food’ for u, unless u are silly enough to go without Air Supremacy. So combo for it is: Air Supremacy + Mini Launchers (for more distance) + Flare bomb.

Gifs and images will be uploaded after Steam launch.

Satandy’s BIG Guide (from my own gameplay) PART II :imp:
Help noobs

Thanks for encouraging noobs to start sniping, more easy kills for the rest of us not-snipers.


Nico and panda destroy you bro. If they see you first of course, i know you play like lil panzy.


wow great guide andy!
i went 16-2 after reading this.

(note: i was playing on webgl (alpha) , where lot of the players afk’s for some reason. :joy:)


Thanks Genard :blush:

I can bet they were scared :joy:


But he played against bots :joy::joy:


Or could be newbies xD :joy:


Totally :joy::joy:


My guide is recommended for starters :sweat_smile: Pros can check it too :smile: So far I find Nox’s guide Intimidating :neutral_face::joy:


YEP! :smiley:


Dude i know it :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Good Guide Andrea :+1:

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Dear Blade47,
I am so sorry that u feel upset how ur guide didn’t ended up as pinned like mine did (by mistake, which is corrected now) and I will answer on every ur sentence.

Yes, this is literally only Gunner and clearly u didn’t read entire text, because this is how guide ends. Spent 3h on this and no, I’m a busy person and don’t have time to write 6 guides in one day and since u know zero facts about how I write, here is explenation. I don’t serve people crap with writing and when I write, trying to do that good.

I don’t see why would u compare two very different guides.

Except mouse (for now) I really don’t have anything expensive from my PC gear. Pad I paid 20$, but in America and other countries probably u can find for 10$. Keyboard is normal one, headphones as well (both 15$) so I really don’t see what is so expensive about my gear.

There is a lot of text and I’m aware that many won’t bother to even read it (like u didn’t).

I did, from game as well. And this shows how u don’t know much about PC gear and why I wrote how it can impact gameplay and IS it a case in FFT. Try to play with random mouse sensivity or slow response keyboard, then we can talk on the same level and discuss about differences.

I am talking about huge difference in total team kills. If average kills of any other player from my team is 20, I will always have double or more. And since 95% matches ending up with me as player who carry the team, guide is made for players who might want to know/understand how I am doing it, what’s my actual gameplay and what works the best for ME (and might help someone else as well). Guide is mainly made for average player who wants to improve gameplay, for a newbie because he can see how some older player do or for old player to compare my style with his own. Never said that everyone should do this or that, pointed on some things that are simple wrong in MY OPINION and on positioning part why I use maps like that or not use.

Also, once in a month u come, leave salty comment and then u are gone for another month. What are u doing on a forum of near dead game?



look at andy being the better person , i wouldve just insulted him on the discord or not said anything ( definitely insulted him).

best way to play gunner is manmode it and never use ar even up close. Rail gun only is much more fun even if you die, im alright sniper now but when i started sniping back when everyone was either gunner or scout main, they all nvr missed. I went something like 3-24 K/D almost every match for a couple weeks. once you get it though it is by far the most entertaining thing in this game. Landing your shots feelsgood