Returning Player


Omeime321, has returned.
Sup guys. Not sure if anyone at all remembers me at all. Idek if anyone from old kong forums still play frequently and migrated to this forum. Anyway, sup all, i am a old player, used to play a few years back before i stopped, i plan to play much more now, cuz, why not.I guess i was well known-ish >.> Idk, dont see a point to mention that but i will anyway. But yeh, hai everyone o/


Your plans to play much more may or may not last much longer,nonetheless welcome back to the game and hope you find it comfortable to get back into the community.


Eh…I hope you have fun playing much more now.


Good Luck and Have Fun
-PIS Darkbeat


Welcome back, i guess


Whaddup ome, how’s it going?


Welcome back…
Now lets see how long it lasts…┬┴┬┴( ͠° ͟ʖ┬┴┬┴


Veliciraptor remembers you welcome back old friend its been a longtime


Sup :stuck_out_tongue: The name is familiar, i think i remember practicing sniping with u and 13. Im just tryin to find old friends to play with ;-;


What’s your ign?


Knew it, lol! Welcome back.


It’s because he missed me


And a few other people lol. :heart: you guys.


Welcome back beli


Wb bel boy


welcome back :smiley: well u dont me but i know u .


Nah, I think I remember you.


Same u dont know me or remember or not gonna ever come to your thoughts and Im gonna die alone
But I saw you


I am returning player from kongregate , I read somewhere game data from kongregate for this game could be transferred here. I have same nickname there as here. I haven’t played this for years I think.


Sorry, that is disabled, it was up for about 2 years.