Returning Player


Kinda shame use to play this long time ago for few years.
I remember different weapons per classes, like when gunner had strongest weapon shotgun which instakilled everything but tank with shield, but even that lasted 2 shots.

Pretty sure I had all classes last time I played, but I guess I will have to start again :thinking: .


U are talking literally about 2012, maybe 2013…And that was early time of the game.


Welcome back eh


I played when blaster and fire class got released and when they gave gunner class skin for free as well but I stopped when they introduced those skins.
So I played for long time, just didn’t last 2-3 years.

Edit: But as I said doesn’t matter anymore I play it casually, so i’m fine with gunner and whatever free class is during week.


I accidentally found the menu in settings now for transfer didn’t try it before and it returned me my old account lol.
I didn’t see it before so I didn’t try it. Unfortunately 3k Z(edit: unless 5k I had after transfer were added up to it) I saved up while playing before transfer are gone and tutorial showed up again and took Z for gunner I already had :confused: .

I seriously didn’t expect transfer to work considering what you said.

But still good that it worked.


It is not supposed to work from what I know, but didn’t check on my own.


Well it seems to work still, I mean it makes sense not to wipe the database with returning player data as many are still playing.


hey guys can i still buy hero skins in fft even its out dated?


Yah, you can