Report Players!


DroneBotnil Hacking
laithhisham Hacking


Confirmed. Brone is annoying


Don’t forget to try and provide some type of proof guys like we always did with FRG.


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They have already expressed that they will be patching the hacks and making it hard for someone to hack the game.


I disagree. Usually when I enter a room there’s only one or two hackers in there compared to 10-13 regular players. There’s still a lot more regular players than hackers.


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Ankit said he wants to patch the glitches to make it harder for the toxics to do that before perma bans are rolled out. However this thread is still needed and some hackers have been playing so long that they must be perma banned. Nathan, aidan, and motherteresa come to mind.


Don’t forget good old teleklos.


You said “you shouldn’t ban hackers” cause you are probably one of them tbh.


He sounds like an inexperienced player. Many things he said is not true.


Still any new players on the forums are welcome. The more new people on the forums mean that they habe some care for the game larger than the avg pleb


Turn your way of thinking around and see how things goes from another perspective if you might.

You’re stating that banning hackers will eliminate the 60% of the toxic players from the game and we will be left with at max. 50 players, but have you considered the other consequences? What about all those people who left because of the hackers? What about all those long gone but not forgotten players who may want to come back after the game becomes fun again? What about all these amazing experiences we had and the new ones we will get?

Perhaps at first it will be hard to deal with it, but at the end everything will be fine. I am, for once, believing that the dark ages of FFT will come to an end soon, and it’s all thanks to FRG, their fellows from & Y8 and all the players that actually cared for the game.


julio500yt : hacking
horkut : hacking
abdi2000 : hacking
Sorry I have no proof but this is the first time i get to play and it isnt on a device i own so i cant just take screenshots.


abraham hack pls banned


jhonaoli: hacking
thgljj: hacking


So are they banning hackers or just planning to?


Link for SupersSonics confirm pls
G1.Ramiro mind: -I’ll made an account with the name ‘‘Anti-Hackers’’ for kill hackers and help the comunity.
Now he are hacking like all the kids.
I don’t like to report ‘‘Anti-hackers’’ i wanna report they main acc, Ramiro, he deserves it.


G2 dragonfire, usual hax. Abraham as well


I confirm, however, I suggest to ban both of his accounts.