Report Players!


He even messaged me personally lel


Hello Guys,

Thanks for your great response really appreciated.


hi abdul i cant get my username here :frowning :confused:


Guys should i edit the thread and add the rules at the top? Or should i just add a link that goes to the in-game rules that’s still on kong’s forum?


This is the new report and active forum, might as well add all the bells and whistles.


K, I’ll fix it up tomorrow.


What if I make a whole new seperate thread for the rules and Ankit can lock it? I’m not sure if locking threads here is possible.


Seperate thread would make sense to keep it clean and tidy


You have the power to edit, you can just edit you first post then edit your second post bc both your first and second post are reporting hackers.


I know I can edit… I just think it might be neater if it’s seperate. But I’ll ask Ankit


Charmander! Lel long time no see man!


Yes, please add rules :slight_smile:


sure, let make it. I’ll lock it.


I have created, just pm me the list I’ll edit the post.


Another hacker named i am hacker and the reaper


bloodsecurityhack is the other hacker


Do you want us to provide proof when we report? I mean I understand taking moderator’s word for it, but random players seems a little risky.


Yes that’s a good question,

what we can do here any random player can report to mods and they can report to us and in case of hackers instead of directly banning them we’ll first try to patch up the bugs so it wont be easy for hackers and for the players who abuse in the game no 2nd chance, even on idnet forum its direct ban.

though we can plan a soft ban also which can be lift after one week.



you don’t say .-. how could he be such a dick. .-.
I wonder why I don’t see the name of the other guy who was hacking at that time… hhhmmm… maybe cause he was on your team? yea… cant be that would make a you a hypocrite…

On a serious note most of these people are just alts while rarely anyone on there main with hacks on a soft ban would just be them making a new account and trying again.
Pretty sure you can track and “soft” ban there main or most used account… just saying…