Report Players!


I’m sorry, it’s kostas8686 ;-;


Hi, u can use /mute (name) and u won’t be able to see what are they writing.


But, You know, this behavior should be stigmatized i think.


I agree but there is no option anymore to do so.

…and even if there is option, can’t report without any evidence.


ye u can use the mute thing i use it to not hear such things from such players :hear_no_evil:


I just watch the conversations and see how it ends




Ok, so how bout him - Nao987? (i hope my screenshot has uploaded correctly ;-:wink:


Lol haha I know nao


LFT ahmed is hacking…invincible. check logs for map 15V-EU 9:25 EST 08-06-19


CPT.Raulin18 bomb glich link


col.kebabninja123 aim glich


I woudn´t punish Nao987 for bad behavior, this section is mainly used to report HACKS or glitches, and I´m sure Nao wasn´t using those things :grinning:


hehe like these guys :joy:


something unknown keeps hurting me


A discord user by the name of Mega Lucario
his fft rank is Col.