Report Players!


i’m reporting 1destroyer3 and zain who are using the tech healing bug to crash all matches

other two players who use tech bug


hi, i just played with Jesus and he had a skin that takes a lot of time to gt and hew was a master SGT on Freefall Tournament


BTW mar.777 is a god
i just played with him like 3 days ago


i’m reporting xxx2589 for using tech bug


Good on you for reporting hackers/cheats. Especially in Multiplayer games is very unfair.


strakeur use tech bug for crashing games


It’s stated multiple times that there is no any active developer on FFT for a while now, so unfortunately stuff like tech bug can not be fixed.


Hello Guys :wink::joy::sweat_smile:


HAMZA OTAKU tech bug using.
I hope something will happen reporting all this guys


i dont know why they justa nominate a player mod