Report Players!


i’m reporting 1destroyer3 and zain who are using the tech healing bug to crash all matches

other two players who use tech bug


hi, i just played with Jesus and he had a skin that takes a lot of time to gt and hew was a master SGT on Freefall Tournament


BTW mar.777 is a god
i just played with him like 3 days ago


i’m reporting xxx2589 for using tech bug


Good on you for reporting hackers/cheats. Especially in Multiplayer games is very unfair.


strakeur use tech bug for crashing games


It’s stated multiple times that there is no any active developer on FFT for a while now, so unfortunately stuff like tech bug can not be fixed.


Hello Guys :wink::joy::sweat_smile:


HAMZA OTAKU tech bug using.
I hope something will happen reporting all this guys


i dont know why they justa nominate a player mod


player supersayan use tech bug


Of course, Hacking, Aimbots, Triggerbots and Spinbots can result in definitely Hacking.

But However, at least you can see OPs and Niggerkillers do not exist as they do not perfer in Hacking.


im reporting chucho123 for bug using (he looks like death but still playing even if we told him )


gionteris and victor.o using tech bug for crashing the game

kurac too


COOL57 and maybe his others account use tech bug


Humh… There are some of these issues with tech bugs, these technology bugs can also insult the computer, because of the high usage of memory and CPU, Much better not, and if you are reading this, tech bugs are impossible and unfair.

It makes me deep breath and/or cry and i don’t divide it, just like dividing by zero, it’s maybe a high usage of 100% that is fatal.

You guys wouldn’t reach this end, just buy a new computer or just deal with it.






My Question: when will it be necessarily to report players? My Answer: when that player is hacking or trying to cheat the game. i think i made my point correct.


Hello @Teo2!