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Lol daddy isn’t a hacker


G1 musmoh / Cheater / Infinity Life and Max Speed


Its a guy who changed his name with hacks to DADDY










fuksumean11 aka jasher is rude always talking like this tbh


srry but now me also i never said dick in fft once im not gay 2nd more like u guys u call me a noob 24/7 and wheres the proof? i dont even know how 2 spell his name


true since you dm’d me this


image lol


… omg get right info before doing this and i wasent aware u could get banned in fft yd i buy skins than atleast its only 2nd gens now if i get banned its a waste of my $


lol oops i made satanic n tank rage from there wrong shit there on anotha server cursing me than they say im rude talk about urself







ur still on that n u really think im gnna take that ofcourse im not especially from a u n i only said that to tank cuz my friend said it was him 2nd stop tryna lie still like tell me this question do u still think fukeman is me if not than its over and again stop tryna change the subject by saying im rude nope where on me being fukeman which im not ur tryna change it cuz u know ur wrong omg ur so funny u just cant answer my question im not gettin off this stop tryna change the subject is fukemean me ? did u get proof yet? if not get a life


image sip sip


It is my first reply to any topic so please be lenient ;-;
Is there any way to ban or admonish trully toxic person, like G1 kostas8656? (i hope i wrote his nickname correctly)
He can really destroy gameplay and fun comes with it saying things what he’ve done with my mother etc.
I don’t have any evidences like screenshots, just want to get attention on this individual player by some older players who understand better how this forum works or admins, i dunno ;_;