Report Players!



Would like to confirm this, the few times I’ve been on Asia I’ve always seen Mar.tonysteve36 refreshing to get a better team. If I may add he does seem very smug about it too.

@WhiteXhadow hopefully this farmer can be dealt with quickly ^^


Yeah he was reported before , Lets hope for that lol


chris could kills us in the spawn area.

not a glitch happened many times and he got the kill

end of game he had a lot of kills


pls report and ban korruptedeyer and peace_blamco beacuse korruptedeyer have hacked skins and infinite skills and peace blamco is hacker is have rapid fire of tank


KorruptedEyeR Is a hacker oinfinite stuff etc!!


Thanks for reporting , The Moderators are aware of that and he is black listed :slight_smile:


Shoot, and I thought someone actually was being a pro assassin lol.
I should record more when stuff like that happens


Best Moments :slight_smile: @KorruptedEyeR can you see it?


I saw him for the first time today




banned immediately, you should be quicker to do so


yah korruptedeyer is hacker!!! in maxzo report i in there maxzo is my friend and i see that bombs and its to log pls report or banned korruptedeyer maxzo is correct i go to bomb and its to log and 1 hit me lol and i got log and i disconnect and back again pls report korruptedeyer!!!
sorry friend korrupted just need to do this


pls report LaoDa is hacker and glitcher pls banned him he do a tech glitch at shuttle bay and he is a hacker


wait so hes banned from playing?:pray:t5::pray:t5::pray:t5::joy:


fake G5 Tank2016


How do you know that he is fake


G1.Tank2016 (Blue Team) @Apple_15
G5.Tank2016 (Gold Team) FAKE ONE @KorruptedEyeR is it u??


There is a guy called DADDY who is a G5 hacker with invincible attributes on all heroes…
is there a way to cancel him? People pay money for the upgrades but he clearly has everything and more. He’s been on all day hasnt been killed once