Report Players!


Sorry, but you clearly have little idea of what a normal player and what a lagger is. I will tell you straight up that every single thing on your Hacker list can be accomplished without 3rd party software (hacks.)

I am “defending” JEEFERSON… simply because I know he isn’t a hacker, he’s a lagger (and might not be lagging intenionally). On your insulting part, let me tell you, if we banned every person in the game who insulted people we would be left with 99% of guests and 1% actual players. It’s not even against the rules, unless you say something like “you sack of horseshit, die in a fire”, it says right there in the rules that “noob” is perfectly ok to say.

Anyways I’ll expand on your hacker part.

Teleportation - that comes from lagging, you start at one place, they think they are moving, but since they lag they stay there, then they go back to normal. It’s lag jumping basically.

Immortality - lots of ways this can happen. Undead corpse glitch, good players who want to be immortal can basically be immortal if they run to base 24/7, health bar glitch can look like ur doing 0 dmg when you are (and they keep full hp bar). Infinity bombs is a known glitch, infinite statistics - i assume ur saying infinite health? that’s a glitch too as I said. Intangibility - undead glitch, exit the map, out of map glitch, all characters unlocked, not even lag or glitch, i have all characters, I’ve just been playing regularily for a while and have unlocked all characters using z-cash. I am only g2, and im sure that g5s will easily have all characters and more.

FFT is not a normal game. There are tons of bugs, and lagging is an ADVANTAGE sometimes. I defend JEEFERSON, only because I am sure that he IS NOT a hacker, and only a lagger/bugger. Trust me on the bugs/lag part - I have either personally done them in an empty room, been told i’ve done them through lag, or have seen a friend do it and show me how.
Your closing line sounds ironic to me. I hope this helps you differentiate the two types.


Oof… its just lag and bugs


Jeff is a legit general and plays like one.
It’s just lag that make him teleport and insta kill.
Without lag he is a decent player and kind to me


How is Jeff kind to you. Last time I played with him, he was very toxic to me when I sniped him 4 times


Mhmm that doesnt happens with me


I was literally a moderator for over 1 year and worked for the game even longer. So DO PLEASE tell me what I had in my mod tool, since u clearly know better than me (or any other person who did a job of a moderator).



moderator of the game and I could only use the command “kick”, I am surprised because the moderators of other games can do more than that. Now I understand the current state of the game, in that case, I apologize to you. and the other moderators did not know that they could only do that really, it does not make sense to demand something they do not have the authority to do.


If you want to defend, this game mode depends on you, if you want to use the mistakes to win depends on you, but they will not sell it as if those who used it were the victims. There is nothing further from that, you must recognize that this game mode is not fair for others who play clean

I can assure you that in any game, except in this pitiful mind, I would suspend the account simply by doing that.

This is the correct way to proceed from a gaming company.

Direct Ban!!

If you do not understand the language, translate it.

P.D .: this was a mistake that made you invisible when you climbed the zip line, it was an error that was obviously corrected. The publication said it was produced by a third-party program, but the truth is that it was an “error”, it’s just that the developers will clean their hands saying what other program produced it, you can look for more information or video.


Firstly - if you don’t like the game, get out now. I will tell you that neither I nor anyone else will care. That’s the pure truth, sounds like you like nothing about the game at all and want everything done your way, which is obviously 100% right.

Anyways, I will tell you again, I do not use bugs which I intentionally do unless I am in an empty room and bored. Lag and unintentional bugs are not intentional.You have good ideas, but sadly they have no use at all here. FFT is not like other games. I will repeat.


I do not want it to be done my way, but the rules are imposed, but it will not happen. I realize now, so I’m leaving the game. I will not respond to another publication, so I apologize if someone was offended, I just try not to kill the game due to the hackers. But I give up, nobody will do anything and the players will continue to be ignored, I do not see much future for the game. Goodbye and stop using “bug”.


I stated about this game, not overall. Every game has own options. Mods (web player) used to have a tool, later on it got removed. But both times only kick from the room and not even perma kick or based on time, but they (we) had to spam kick if the same problematic player enters that room. I do agree tool was bad and asked bunch of times before to be improved. Sadly, that did not happen. Lets say it was more pointless to be a moderator (and frustrating), than to have some use out of it. When I started working, it was a bit better since I could ban them (temp ban or perma, depends did they have a ban in record before) but still frustrating since it means that I need to be 24/7 on to have any control over the problematic players which u can guess, not possible to do.

Also stop arguing, if u want to talk about off-topic things, use general discussion instead. Thanks. @kyver @Cpt.Joe


Bann this hacker if any dev is alive


I can confirm it, KorruptedEyeR is cheating and he say will be published on youtube.


ya he is hacker


COL.GAT use hack tool (ASIA REGION)


@Gusmawix Screenshot or Video?


No,id have it.
KorruptedEyeR is also a hacker(or moderator) or abuser of FFT parameters




Is it normal that Mr.Mar.tonysteve farms “every day” on spacestion with his best buddies?
Title:“The Best Farmer of The Year”
Switching team/Disconnecting/Reconnecting
Again and again,infinite loop
This dude is super enjoying wat hes doing!



I see , And no he is not a Moderator.Thanks for the proof, Btw you joined Discord server and left , Next time you claim you see ‘hacker’ or cash farmers’ let me know , Just DM me there, I’m active there pretty much and I get the notifications. And that seems like fake Fluffy , Real one is Mar , played with him few months back


i’m reporting col. nik for bug using or hacking ( i don’t know) he shoted on the respawn all time and nobody could kill his