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Reminds me of a player named “BigDick_”. He claims his name won’t be changed but it was changed nonetheless to “BigRick_” Lmao.


Ohh smought’s alive :unamused:




Hello, I’m a community game of “Freefall Tournament”. I have played for a long time, but I stopped playing for a long time and started playing with another account because I could not enter with the previous one. There are many players who use third-party programs to help themselves in the game, giving them many skills that are not fair to the starting players, or to the players who do not use them, in addition to damaging the game experience, they also damage the connection. Turning the game into something slow and causing the image to paralyze in the moment or jump between images, these types of players are very problematic in the community of players, so I decided to ask for help from the game developers who took this in their hands , although previously these players were very common, to find 1 or 2 in the same room, now they have decreased in number. However there are those who refuse to lose because of their lack of ability, they can play with skills like immunity, invisibility, floating in the air, shoot through walls, bullets and endless bombs, intangibility that allows them to cross the shield and walls , kill the players when they reappear, as well as avoid the shots of other players, recover life and remain in 1 point of life so that they do not die and make them immortal, among other things.
For a long time I had to endure this because I did not know how to report the problem until I found this forum, I hope you can do something about it because many people stop playing for this reason even me, but I realize that the problem has not yet It has been resolved. Thanks in advance.


Hi, I understand ur frustration but saying ‘there are players who do this and that’ actually isn’t much of a help. Players often ends up being accused for hacking when they are not using any third party program so to back up what u said there, basically u need a proof as short video or something to show what exactly and who is doing.


I understand, but I could not make recordings, but I took captures of their names, even a player who insulted me to be discovered.

I do not know when they will appear so it is very difficult to make a recording at the moment, the only thing I could do was screenshots to their names.

Bullets go through walls killing me inside the safe area to reappear

Levitated in the air all the time and unlimited bullets attacked from above when climbing. It seemed to be off the map, but I did not remember it, since it killed me when I approached.

Killed in a single attack, the first time I see him “Camping Respawn”, he did it with everyone he caught

This especially if it was confirmed, when it was discovered, insulted me and disconnected.

(they launched unlimited bombs) It seemed too good, so we joined to kill him, it was a massacre all against 1 and nothing, but one against the other then I cheated him and almost killed him was there when I realized that he threw 5 bombs in a row without waiting and I knew he was a hacker.

I hope this helps in something I do not know how to record the game since it is easier to do screenshot.

Names of hackers


They are the only ones who can take screenshot

Sorry for the bad writing, I try to give my best but I do not speak or write in English, so he helped me with a translator, Thanks in advance.

Racism and bad language

For hacks sadly only video can show. If there is insluting, screenshot of the chat is alright.

Try with Bandicam to record, it’s very easy to use and it’s free to download. U can upload on ur Google disk and just share the link here.
Bomber does sound like a hacker, while spawn kill not 100% sure. High ping oftend tends to get u killed in the spawn (ur own or from the enemy).


If you stand on top of the base in koth, and aim your bombers bombs right into the crack between the wall and the ground, it is possible to shoot through that barrier. It’s also possible to shoot through the blue/yellow force fields in certain instances. People who do this are not technically hacking, but exploiting bugs in the game that they’ve discovered.

Death within the base, or double death, is a result of ping and odd death circumstances, where your body is randomly slung into the base as it dies. Even though it looks like you’re in the base, you actual self is re-slung onto the place where you died or cap, and shot at briefly. This makes it look like you’re being shot at while in the base, and if you die again, the double death will activate.

Going outside of the moon base map is a very old and known bug, but one that I thought was fixed. Perhaps there is still a small tear to be found. That it’s a bomber that accomplished that, makes it all the more suspicious of being this same old glitch.

You can always consider that most of these people will be using webgl, Perhaps JEEFERSON is trying to give a bad name to JEFFERSON by insulting people with such a similar name.


In this video, we see two players performing the good ol PL cap hack/glitch…which I thought was patched as of the steam release.

You’ll have to watch it in the highest quality, possibly at full screen to see the names, but you can still make them out.


this is the first time making a video
playing the steam version
apparently I wasn’t able to find a player where he could kill players by looking like he is in the death animation.

the video size is too large so I am going to have to set up a YT channel


It has been a long time when I reported that many hackers included the bomber that was the most obvious, but nothing has been done, but I do not expect much from the moderators, it is a pity since the game has potential and is ruined by the cheaters who do what they want.

I hope that one day fix errors and improve the gameplay.


Video proof, or more convincing screenshot please. I have personally played with JEEFERSON quite a few times and I find him to be legitimate, though rude at times.

There are few remaining hacks in the games. One of the few things that were better in WebGL.


There is no mods currently in the game. U probably wanted to say ‘developers’.


@Nox Wasn’t webgl supposed to stop the hacks? Webgl ruined the game to prevent hackers and it’s still happening. What was that point lol. Also is FFT off of the developers agenda? Are you guys working on anything ?


The fact that there are no moderators does not surprise me since cheats do what they want with the game

Game developers:

Creators of new content

  • Creation of maps.
  • Character creation.
  • Patch bugs or fix errors.
  • Among other things.

Game Moderators:

enforcing the rules of the game

  • Mute a player
  • Expulsion from the room.
  • Temporary closure of the account.
  • Indefinite closure of the account.


It is true that the amount has been reduced, but only one of these could completely destroy the community of players if it does not stop, after all, Who will play a game that he knows he would not win? Just look at the current state of the game. There are only 4 rooms in use and the others are abandoned.

P.D .: I tried to record, but the game was very bad, sometimes it stopped, so I gave up. It also says that it is very rude, it is assumed that the moderator is not in charge of enforcing the rules and promoting mutual respect in the community. Then you should receive a penalty that will not happen, because there is nothing and nothing is done, so reaffirm what I said before.


Developers should focus on their most popular games, as they are those that retain visitors and users, in addition to community account records that are created around them.

Who plays their games once the community tires of their indifference and migrates to another page?


They’re basically doing what the old developers did. Ignore the game and not update it for years. FFT hasn’t had a major gameplay update in legit 3-4 years. No maps, classes, nothing. It’s quite sad. When they got the game they said they would update it and add new stuff, but of course that was just talk no action.


JEEFERSON has very high ping. 400+ ping at most times, strange things happen, including one second he’s there, the second second you’re dead. This isn’t a hack… just the result of his scout/blaster and high ping.

He lag kills, sure, he teleports, but that’s different from hacking.


Agreed, and on the hacking point, I think it’s only because it took time to develop hacks for WebGL (it’s relatively new for hackers as well) and then no one cared about it. No one cares about it - no hacks, obviously.

So I believe that WebGL wasn’t really hack-proof.