Paragon War Game


how do you find chainmail in chapter 4?


oh hes empty there


can someone pls tell me where is the topaz jewel i need it so bad!


To be honest, was thinking of the moba paragon


i found the topaz jewel heh sorry
i need to find the second shadow


Did someone call?


Hey guys! been almost 3 years since I started playing, will this game ever be released as full fledged game and not a beta? Its such a great game as it is, I hope it will be released!


And we can assume the game is discontinued in 3…2…1…


Stop the count!!! Released Version 1.0 !!!


Got my PG deleted after remorting…and it’s the second time… :\


ok, we’re looking for this problem




Helloo you too :slight_smile:




Quagan i saw paragon war changed to paragon world so i got to world and i see when you have to do a finding quest for example : fairy dust quest sometimes its glitched also same with necrotic thoughts, jewels , miners gunpowder with jewels says 1/1 saphire but incomplete.
its a bug or its normal?