Paragon War Game

Paragon War is a great “Zelda like” multiplayer game with a one button logic.
Try to save the princess in an heroic fantasy realm with lot of fun and hours of gameplay!
(works on mobile also as it’s html5 Browserquest engine).

We will need your feedback for this Paragon War Beta test!


fun game, but it sure has some serious hickups:

  • lagging badly when other players kill the same creature, or the creature freezes and cannot be killed anymore
  • arrows appearing from nowhere, because of others (or yourself) lagging compared to eachother (the other player won’t show anymore, but his/her arrows can be seen still (along with the kills because of the arrows))
  • sometimes the potion count goes up when you collect a new large potion, but sometimes it stays the same number as before (even though it looks like you got a similar sized potion)
  • being killed, you can revive yourself without any losses (you keep your exp, your crystals, most (if not all) of your potions)

oops, i forgot a serious thing still: there does not seem to be a way to quit the game (apart from closing your browserwindow (or -tab)), and that’s possibly because of the game using the enlarged window (big screen)?


Thank you, i answer you in PM

I faced quite many problems actually. :confused: First is that, in ‘The maze of sand’ you get the armor and can wear it everywhere right? well in my case, I get the armor and all but after you leave the lake of sand, it’s gone… :frowning: The same also happened in Forgotten Glades (this being the second bug or something) and the last is that there’s a tad bit problem going on in Dungeon 4. I’ve defeated the boss and opened the chests but I didn’t get the key for it :’( I’ve already tried 3 times but the key won’t come… And just as @Croidin said, most of the creatures freeze up
Hope these will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help, we will look into it.

for the chests in dungeon 4 after the boss, you mean in the gauntlet ?
because if it’s in the gauntlet, it’s normal, now, if you want to enter the 5th door in the gauntlet, you need to comlet the achievements in chapter 4 (forgotten glades + dungeon 4)

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Excellent jeu, à conseiller de 6 à 66 ans :smile: J’attends avec impatience les donjons 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 …
Bon courage !

Where i foung blink?

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I found :slight_smile: kkkkkkkkk

thank you photo for your help me, we will look into it
for the check it in vociver 4 after the boss you mean in the gauntlet

Yes please :smiley: :grinning:. HAPPY you in photo and l eat apple , orange, lemon and fraoules.For me l want friends for photo

little over a month since i first played and commented, and i just played a little bit more :smile:

great improvements!! i didn’t experience any lag anymore, no more arrows flying in from the blind, and even the graphics are improved… i like!!

except for the “quit” game button which i still cannot find

There is no “QUIT” game button, for now, don’t be looking for one! You’re stuck with F5 if you want to go back to the main menu. Untill we find a better option.

Keep in mind the game is still in beta mode, the very first releases were very buggy. Most of the more annoying bugs are gone now, you shouldn’t experience too many of them anymore.

The shop has been added. You can buy potions and bombs from the vendor girl in the first city, or inside dungeons 2-7 from the first guard NPC.

help me plis i tititi the paragon crusade

Hello tititi !
Glade you tried Paragon War.
Well, why did you need help ?
Tell us :wink:

like keys and swords are achieved?

hum, i don’t understand your question.

about keys, what i can tell you is that now, you have a keylist with all the keys you pickup.
and i can tell you that now, there is 7 chapters (7 areas + 7 dungeons )
and you get one sword in each chapter.
and about achievement, that there is a lot more achievement than we had in paragon crusade.
some achievement can be just (talk to some npc) some can be (pick up an item)
and that you can have as reward crystal / exp / equipement / key etc etc

@tiburon are you looking for your old character? Players are different for Paragon War and Paragon Crusade.

hi guagan when you connect

where the key to the dungeon 1 is

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