Orion Sandbox ENHANCED


Good Day!
I have found a glitch in Orion Sandbox Enhanced in crafting. First, you need to have the materials and the appropriate crafting table to do it. Second, Find the item that you need and click it. Third, drop ALL the materials you need to craft the item (drop it by putting the item outside the window). Lastly, Craft it. You will not lose anything you dropped (unless you’re standing in front of lava). Also, it works on the shop.
Hope it helps!

P.S. You can use only once once you dropped the items used to craft that item you chose.


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Also, I am not certain what version did that glitch work.


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there is a glitch once you reach level 7 the save only saves your inventory not the world so I lost my body guard


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hola soy jaminton se puede compartir mapas en orion sandbox
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hi my items are be lost in saves what can ı do ? (for now ı just lost my space force pant ,anaptanium chesplate,20 teleportation tab and electro guitar)


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