Orion Sandbox ENHANCED


Orion sandbox ENHANCED, new improved version of Y8 blockbuster! New world, new armors, new weapons including revolver, blaster, shotgun and LIGHTSABER! New enemies and bosses. Coming Soon!

Help me please
Where to find Solidium
A Pet's sleeping patterns and walking (Orion Sandbox Enhaced)
Orion Sandbox ENHANCED Help Me Pls
How to get energy crystals
Did my house is great?
How i can get the obsidian sword in orion sandbox enhanced?thx
Orion sandbox Enhanced problem

how do you get a anvil and what do I use if i want to get iron ore with out one?


Thanks, now anvil from bronze and you can use it!


I have not displayed the level, health, slots. How to fix it?


hi, i would like to know how to get gold ingots or ingots in general because i can’t seem to find any?


oh nevermind I found it YAY


Hey, i just want to report something, red glass and green glass, red glass is the green but the green is the red, just small thing, and i want to say thanks for making this great gme is really cool.


Thanks, we will fix it :slight_smile:


:smile: , oh but the way, how to find make/find obsidian or obisidian brick? i need that really much.


Hi, try to mix some water and lava :wink:


Anyone is open to answer this question did anyone know it has a very evil women living underground the deeper you go the more you can hear her laughing. I really need some answers!!! :scream::scream::fearful:


While trying to cut down trees in the beginning with no axe takes a while, which is fine, however every time a wolf runs by I hit him and he attacks me. I am continuously dying this way and getting into fights before I acquire any wood to do something about it. This is in the beginning so I have no weapon, no armor, no wood to build anything, etc. We shouldn’t be able to attack anything by accident if we are mining blocks.

Edit: Game is freaking amazing, by the way.


Bro this is just a easter egg, theres no evil women on this game. everyone have tried to explore whole the game and then nothing happens, so keep in mind anything is scary is just a easter egg else if theres was monster, have a good day!


sir Nabes, i wish really, and theres someone who wish really really really, and someone dreams of this, everyone should be dreaming of this idea to be on orion sandbox
Dear nabes
can you make multiplayer?
Please agree! :confused:
Please agree! :confused:

Edit: Oww man im very sorry the chat send so hair!!
Im trying to say mr nabes or sir nabes. sorry!!


The signs do not display when hovered over by cursor. Not sure if they are supposed to display by mouse hover but a square box the size of my cursor pops to the left when I do.

This game is very good. Being able to choose world size would be nice too.


go deep


Tyrant armors are weaker than Solidium? (what is Solidium btw)
I think those green text options aren’t working…?(+20 Health etc…)


thanks very much for the info man much appreciated Mr JaksN :+1::+1::grin:


hey what purple panda for?


Where can I find king mosquiton pls