Orion Sandbox ENHANCED


my Level is 5


I’ve decided to start a new world. I put everything I wanted to keep into my inventory. I saved and quit to main screen. I clicked the red X to create a new world. It warns me I’ll lose all my buildings and I click continue. It generates a new world and loads it. I then save this new world and quit to main screen. When I try to load the new world, instead, it loads my previous world I wanted to delete.
Not sure how to get a new world to save over my last.

Update: It seems a new world will save over the previous world when saving to my computer. Only when I try to save a new world over my previous world on id.net, it doesn’t work.


how i can get the obsidian sword in orion sandbox enhanced?


you can buy it from the seller in the lighthouse


No problem, hey, i can answer any question on this game, because im the king of the universe now and i know anything about this game, any thing you want to know just ask me. :+1:


You can find king mosquiton on some dwarf house, but you need to kill ancient gaurd first of all, then you get something names like path, this shows you where to go, if the light glowing to down/ right that mean you need to go right and down. exactly.


Tyrant armor is more good than solidium
Those +20 health works, ONLY if you wear the full set of tyrant,
if you didnt wear even 1 is will not work
And if you know that already
You should now soliduim is taking 3th place and then tyrant 2nd then the best armomr on this game, atomic. (1st)




ohh, THX! I only have helmet and boots :stuck_out_tongue:

do you know where/how can I get yellow and blue mushroom??


how to get obsidian


My dog-mod-B2
fell into the lava


i need help please


thx =)


you need to kill the guardian firts then it drop the circular thing thats was to help
sorry im not english D:


how about to dig the under of the doghouse(somehow we can’t dig the doghouse directly) to respawn your dog?


I need help
how deeper to dig to get ironore:confused:confused:confused:
Plz help:


how much


do you need to mine iron with an iron pick ax


where do i find an energy crystal and sodium,