Orion Sandbox ENHANCED


You dont need an anvil to get iron ore all you need is a stone picaxe and a furnace.


me encanta me ayudan a ser nivel 5 por fe que soy 2 :pensativo::pensativo:


go down to the green mushrooms and use path ring or use shadow candle. You get shadow candle when you are level 8.I hope this info help you :grinning:


no you need to get a stone pickaxe and mine bronze ore and smelt it to bronze ingot
build a anvil with bronze and do a bronze pickaxe and mine iron with your new bronze pickaxe.


l have a problem l defeated Imperiator Finalium and do not receievie the
sword of universe


Hi, try to kill one more time. It has a chance (30%) to drop the sword


who is maxim shipulin , i want his picture , ( the director of the game


lol, what you will do of his picture ?


hello! im search for all shadows bosses and im find Shadow Imperator but im no find Shadow Mosquito and Shadow Tyrant…Pls pls help me!


yes! im have same problem!


im have 2 more quests to complete for the finish Book Of Travels but im have the Throne,Crown and Personal Guard!!!is Bug?


keep the shadow candle in you hand all the time, it will trigger boss to be spawned as shadow. If you at one moment change to sword,


i want to see his picture


i want his picture


l’ll give you the picture after the boss has reappeared on my map


oops will reappear


sorry but l can not find the boss anymore



this is one of the shadow boss


l have problem,l used shadow candles and mosquiton king does not transform