Orion Sandbox ENHANCED


yes, and good luck, I killed him many times and he did not give me the helmet


Yes, the same thing happens to me, I think it will be a mistake of the game, because I have a good connection, you also have it


Hi everyone!


though can you please fix the lag issue? that would be fantastic, thanks


first on silver games it wont to go online select, second on y8 i mined the atlantic computer, 3thrd i was visiting the game for 19 days and i become 10 rewards,4thrd i become first space boots,chastplate and space helmet and the helmet and the chastplate disapear but the boots are in my inventory, and the last thing is when im hearing music,my song ends and i need to replay it and i click e for pause and it every time i go in orion sandbox 2 it starts laggin.


btw purple panda is just pet but if u can feed vegetables to it


I back :slight_smile:


muito xp


how i can see al wofl XD


:balloon::izakaya_lantern:[details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]


donde esta el ordenador ancestral




alguien sabe como recuperar la impresora 3d 30000 mi juego se bugeo i la perdi probé matándolo de nuevo al rey musquiton pero no funciono me quede sin solidium en todo el mapa tengo la esperanza de me den la impresora 3d 30000 tengo mucha piedra por solidium se me rompio la armadura de solidiun y la espada del abismo ayuda no quiero borrar la partida


ayúdenme creadores de orion sandblox enhaced devuélvame la impresora 3d 30000 para poder matar a finalium gracias


:tada: udor:¿como estan dificil ase una casa de obsidiana:sudor:


oye se pude jugar online xf


evet bende kaybettim hiçbirşeyi yapamıyorum


i don’t know why but when i click attack button more than one.it starts laging for me


can i restart completely like no items no quest start over completely? if so how do i do it?


como puedo pasar a nivel5 rapidu porfa:sonriendo: