Official Youtube Thread

I finally got the approval of @Ankit.
Alright,as the head says its the “Official Youtube Thread” For FFT.

I’ll be posting links to the newer channels we have for the game.
P.S : Feel free to PM me your youtube channel so I can add you among the links.

Older Channels :

Channel Name : Flappy741
Link :
Channel Name : Panda_Tik
Link :
Channel Name : Sidifen Dannier
Link :
Channel Name : Ash Bramson
Link :
Channel Name : The FluffyCrab and Nemesis Show
Link :
Channel Name : Random Person Num 12
Link :
Channel Name : FreeFall Tournament Live
Link :
Channel Name : DatGuyPsycho (Christopher2336)
Link :
Channel Name : ItzYam (I.G - Hammadraza/Cr7_Hr7)
Link :
Channel Name : Gameplays FFT (JuniorRocker.123)
Link :
Channel Name : Legendary Assasin RonneyChase (I.G - RonneyChase)
Link :
Channel Name : Random Trash (I.G - F.F. Torrent)
Link :
Channel Name : FFT dragonfire (I.G - Ronaldojr7)
Link :

Note - these are really old channels.

Newer channels

Channel Name : SoulFlare (I.G - SoulFlare)
Link :
Channel Name : Samyan Ahmed GAMER (I.G - Samyan)
Link :
Channel Name : ARMYguy (I.G - ARMYGUYisBACK)
Link :


Bro, u dont need 2 give us video links

The video links are for easier access.
Would you want to go to youtube,type in the name wait for it to appear and watch
Would you want to just click those links and directly go to the channel you want to visit?

This video is bad, not only did he/she help a hacker, he only ever got one kill because he got good ping.

Other stuff for you:

All credits to cris98

Thanks,I’ll add them in a while.Editing a video right now.

i like your videos keep it up

New scout montage is out!

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You forgot to add my Youtube Channel to the original post. :frowning:

i can’t wait start a video


I didn’t know you had a youtube channel >.<

I don’t really have one. I’m just jk.

You had me feeling guilty for not adding you In :open_mouth:

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You should think about it tho,after all you are one of the best snipers this game has.
It’d be worth showing off you’re skills.

Umm no, that’s too much work. I haven’t sniped seriously in months so those skills are on standby. Um’s channel is great though

Well…get back when you can :grin:.
Indeed Um’s channel is amazing,I wish I was as good as him in terms of editing to the fullest.

Practice makes perfect.

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Aim bots alert.

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