Official Youtube Thread


B-but I record whenever I play even if I’m really rusty uhu

Like I played a week or so ago and I did fine, even if it was 2 months I didn’t touch the game.

I always told you to send me clips i could edit, it’s not a big deal ><




You were there *facepalm


Shh D:

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How to be YouTuber?


Step 1: Make a YouTube account.
Step 2: Record videos and publish them.

That’s all Youtubers do.


ohh,simple one…thanks


You’re welcome. It seems simple, but there is a difference between a struggling Youtuber, a small Youtuber, and a Big Youtuber. It’s not easy gaining subs unless you create good content. Flappy, nem, and Um, gained a good amount of views creating FFT videos when this game was extremely popular.


Okay,thanks again…:slight_smile:


Yeah thosse guy’s are the one who least struggled,imo flappy and nem.

UM and PIS atleast did a good job editing their vids and was worth watching,no hate to other two,but c’mon put some effort.


Also,thanks for answering the query…I wasn’t able to check the forums for some reason.


I like to be helpful :wink:


So do I :smiley:


Explain to me how to be a YouTuber, please repeat its hard



1.Create a Channel.
2.Start publishing videos.


And I can’t make videos anymore cuz I kept my laps charger at my buds house :sweat_smile: rip :sob::sob:


Anyone seen samyan?

I just wanna tell him that his video is very good,but i don’t see him for 1 month…
Where did he go?

(Last seen is on hacker video 2017)


Record things, cut and paste them in a peculiar fashion, put some catchy but appropriate background music


P.S. Making a fool of yourself usually helps (relatable)


U don’t even have to try hard with it :>
Natural talent



Ever since you asked how do you become a Youtuber,I was wondering…

Do you plan on making videos on the game once its a lot more lag free or did you just ask because you didn’t know how?



Actually,idk how to record because idk how to record…:expressionless:
Anyway,you should be happy because you have your own channel and i have to record it and create it again with good picture because idk how to record and problem log in youtuber channel…