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joke! hehe, :grin:
Nice read.
so for the ds, jeremie already answered it.

i like the duel server(only 2 players on the room), i think it would be nice to join the room just to spectate the match or cheer your friend when dueling.


I’m glad you liked it. Would the moderator’s spectator mode be able to be used by any non-dueler? Then maybe after someone gets ten kills, the next player takes the defeated player’s place? Like mge, sort of. Also, any plans for getting FFT on steam?


Longest post ever seen or read on this FFT forum! :joy::joy::joy:


But why you guys nerfing all those Tanky classes then what’s the sense of calling it Tank if it’s getting nerf because of some other skinny heroes which few people do use it…

Add “sell Heroes” feature so we could sell them after the nerf patch is live… i do not wanna waste my money on a nerf hero… wtf we all would go buy gunner , commando etc


I’ve made longer ones on the old /144 one.


Yes I think we all remember -_- xD


Blade likes to talk a lot. :grin:


I just want tank/blaster to nerf its mobility/speed. They are extremely fast with slide spam and can outrun almost all classes. They’re tanking capabilities is just fine I think, they shouldn’t be able to chase targets easily.


Blazer Flamethrower should be nerf… I especially when it’s being reloading…


no blazer isn’t even a strong class


Nerf blazer’s flamethrower but make it more mobile.


In TA and Moonbase, blazer is strong.


In Moon Base Blazer is amazingly good, but TA exposes every weakness Blazer has and then exploit it, make him ultra useless unless you want to play CPS TA, in which case you can always kamikaze the point as long as it’s not the bottom one.


Give Blazer Tank’s comet rush… Just for a day though. You can also throw in the neutron shield and the bombs because happy holidays.


i tottaly agree mate


hi I like this game


Me too


Why does it need to go away? Like who suggested this, to get the double slash removed
Ofc if doesnt hurt you at all but it does to me, its probably andrea who suggesed this because she is bad with all classes, specially Scout.
Just give me a legit reason to get the Double Slash removed, dont we need to vote this or something?
Andrea, please save your pointless ideas/suggestions about this for yourself


I love you