I want DS to stay, but nothing I can do about it.


I’ll be finally able to use scout without feeling bad about it, I hope that extends to assassin as well (nerf wise).
I’d love a specific weapon switch speed depending on the class, like tanks actually taking quite some time to pull out a mauler or a HEAVY machine gun or bombers switching real fast because those are literally just guns


not just the scout, yes, if you are worrying about it, Hacking_Panda.



Why I feel like one of these days you’ll change my name to that just to troll me


Y u no like Shocker? Lowest skill ceiling? Triggered!


Pls pls pls pls pls pls remove the stun from rocket launchers.


Will be done^


I’m pretty sure the action delay that was caused by lag causes me to lose several sniper duels. If your character has delayed actions caused by lag, you’re prone to get shot when:

-Crouching “Q”.When you crouch, your character in their screen will crouch after like 0.5-2 seconds… thus giving them more time position their reticle and shoot you.

-Recovering from crouch. Takes seconds on their screen for your character to recover from crouch position.

-Changing movement direction (left to right or right to left.) Ofc I need to do this in duels, but no choice.
-Moving forward, and switching to left/right.

The action delay caused by lag is extremely worse on mine that I can still get killed by scout’s chop after I grabbed a health bubble in the spawn. Dodging assassin’s instakill combo is harder though.
Explains why I can get millions of kills but loses 24/7 in sniper duels.


Yea i played with high ping couple of times and it was weird to get late kills. About duels i dunno. Its painfull to predict teleports.U are an amazing gunner anyways, so no doubt in ur aim.


I’m not pissed cuz I’ll lose damage output when DS is gone. I’m pissed because DS is tied to Scout’s movement and it’s skill ceiling will be quartered after this update. Also, why buff saber damage? Does that honestly make any sense? Player testers, please. I volunteer.


Would the devs consider competitive FFT or getting the game on steam?


If they do the latter, I think complementing that with a gofundme page would really sail this ship into the right direction.
Get the game on steam. Start a gofund page, capitalize on the more ripe demographics of steam. Sort of like what frg did with labyrinth


Im surprised that u didn’t figure why saber dmg buff. Why players use DS?


What else will u be patching? I mean, if you nerf Scout, currently arguably, and after this patch, unquestionably, one of the weaker heroes, what are your plans to dealing with Tanks, Blasters, and other supremely OP classes/weapons/moves?


Scout is not the only one with nerf/buff.


Well, obviously. They would have a lot of explaining to do if they picked on scout only, →?
I’m asking for specifics.


I think if you remove ds from assassin then you need to implement a different movement speed/recovery after engage because at the moment if you dont get the ds then you sit there like a lemon with your thumb up your ass waiting to be killed after the engage hit


Assassin ds is more like one hit with blades and instakilling. He is fast in killing anyways and I found this way too op on light classes (Scout, Bomber) and even on strikers.

Nothing is final btw. Priority are heavies and getting rid of the support spam. Specifics, if I/we tell them, reaction won’t be good, like it wasn’t yesterday. Players judge without even knowing how it’s gonna look like in matches, hope u understand. I can say that Tech won’t be changed for now since there is a lot of work with him. Turret is simple too weak, his E is buggy and really far from good, stacking Teches are a problem. Also, hard to say ‘hey we gonna nerf ur main hero’ because players are way too subjective about it.

I would like to ask players to slow down on a second and think about few things. How support spam started? Why ppl use ds (on any class, but it’s most popular on Scout)? It’s easy to judge and blame devs, but honestly, some of the things and problems players created. Also, think about new players base. Will they enjoy being instakilled over and over? Why are Blaster and Tank heavies only by hp? I can answer on all of these, but I really want old player base to look more at it and think how unfair it is.

Blade, not gonna argue, I’m just saying facts now and u can deny it as well if u want. U said it is a team game. First of all, as someone who carried bunch of times team, I know it’s not. Overwatch is way too much team based game. Everyone depends on everyone. U can’t win without all filling right role. Which was like ‘woah’ to me after FFT. How can u say it’s a team based game when u never capture, even when team needs u? All u need is 1-2 more players who gonna cap and kill, that literally brings winning. I really wish that FFT is more team and tactical based, that support get any protection instead of getting killed over and over unless they create spam.
Had one match yesterday, single support Tech in team who I couldn’t save with Tank because i had 0 abilities for it. Even stand in front of 1-2 Tanks to recive hits instead of him and it literally did nothing.

U can agree or disagree with me, let’s just not play this but-im-older-player-than-u game and respect eachother a bit more. If we are old player base, we should kinda stick together and make this game more enjoyable for everyone. We used to have fun matches, but man, some of ppl just change mind over one night. I think I was fair to every single of u, I spent a lot of time helping here (and for many hours where I pushed myself to make this game better for all, not gonna even mention how much) and if u think I don’t deserve a bit of respect for everything, then idk what else I should do or can do. I feel tired, especially after yesterday and seems like a lot of ppl like to comment my skills in game for some reason. If that makes any of u feel better, let it be than. But think about how fair it is for me.


If DS goes could the Scout’s haze bomb get a flash-bang effect added to if but only to those it hits when deployed not just players that wounded into it, lol


This, all the way.

They’re getting nerfed to oblivion, I think. Everything is getting rebalanced as far as I know. Gunner should be relatively untouched, considering it’s the only balanced class and has been for forever.

@Andrea, I said it was supposed to be a team game…not that it was. I literally wrote “just imagine FFT was as it was intended to be, a team game, and class roles applied.” It still could be one day. Class limits/region lock would be cool. Also, agreed. No more arguing <3

Is Scout getting the old Valtech bomb? I heard haze might be changed.