I don’t want double slash to get removed though. IMO double slash isn’t that OP.
Getting killed by a non-smg spammer scout is impressive unlike a slide abusive, attack & forget assassin.



Blade47 has already made a voting thing about the double slash, the most said “No” to not get it removed.


Feel free to create a new thread with votes. if you dont know how to enable votes, do let me know or ask Ryan he also created once I think.


Will do, thank you


Lol I remember this. Everyone who actually played scout realized it wasn’t OP. My ideal rework for scout:

Chop resets on kill.
1500 health, not 2000.
Faster ability recharges.

It doesn’t matter if it was ever intended or not…DS isn’t OP. Especially when you consider Assassin. Honestly, DS was the only thing keeping Scout at Assassin’s level. Assassin doesn’t even require much skill. It’s just slide spam, instakill, rinse, repeat. Obviously a new player can’t just hop onto it, but basically anyone who’s played the game much at all can destroy people with it. It’s only real counter is Gunner. (And Scout, occasionally.)


Well imagine classes being reworked. With that I mean Tech finally gets some better kits, proper rebalancing with heavies and support spam, Assassins speed nerfed and such. If u put it like that, then Scout would be technically a new Blaster with his DS. DS with any class is broken, which u can see in animations, if Scouts saber dmg is slighty buffed, then there is no problem. Scout would be able to deal better vs heavies and such, would be more usable is different situations.


But removing it would destroy scout’s skill ceiling. DS is used for movement as much or more than it is used for damage output. Why not decrease scout’s health by 500 and change nothing? It should be hard hitting, fast, and hard to use. Taking away the most creative ways to do damage and move around in the game would hurt scout a ton.

Edit: here’s a suggestion. Listen to the actual playerbase for update advice. I haven’t seen anyone who actually plays scout vote against it.


In case u didn’t know, on gaming mouses u can bound double click and do Ds constantly. What skill ceiling?


In case you didn’t know, FFT is a free game with players who can’t afford good equipment, making both most of your thread and your post completely irrelevant.

On the second part, you can say scout doesn’t require skill after you’re a good scout/have played against good scouts. Sorry. It’s second only to gunner in terms of skill. This is a fact.


I didn’t said that scout is for unskilled players. Just because random players don’t use good equipment, doesn’t mean no one is not using gaming mouse/keyboard and that goes for FFT also (and in many other f2p games).

I don’t see how 50k dps is ‘skill’ on the other hand. Moving with DS is totally fine and makes him better for it. If 50k dps is normal in ur opinion, why then any class can’t make that much dps? Depending on are u skilled enough, ofc.


He doesn’t get 50k dps. The dps meter has always been completely broken. Do you know how much 50k is? Because you can’t instakill tanks with scout. On the movement part, yes, it is obviously totally fine. So why are you removing it?


Damage, not movement.


So…you’re keeping double slash but one of the swings is a phantom swing that does no damage?


Blade I argued to keep DS in the game months ago and none of them agreed. So safe to say that there is no point in trying to convince them. I do agree that the DS separates the good scouts from the bad and adds an extra layer of skill to scouts who can DS properly.


Oh look, someone who actually plays the game. Refreshing af.


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