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Fixer doesn’t have any ability created, not even designed outside and from weapons what I could see, it’s not really any repair on hp/ff. More like cc and dps weapon. Not even sure why they called it ‘Fixer’ lol.
Why would anyone create a class with exact same role that Shocker has, whats the point of it? If u ask me, one great ability would be to remove stun on ally or deflect on the enemy, that is a way of supporting as well.


dude i didn’t say that you should create a class like shocker just understand fixer will going to HEAL AND RECHARGING FRIENDLY UNITS i did’nt say that you should create another class like shocker
and your problem why a class should called fixer actually is pretty dumb ok then but you can rename it whatever you want


And I am trying to explain u that ‘supporting the team’ doesn’t mean that Support is meant to only do hp/ff repair, support can come in many different variants. Thats why some ppl say that Bomber is support partly, because of flaire bomb that has nice cc potencial, at least in Shuttle. Thats the point of being creative, to make something new and not use what already exists. Or evenatually can be a hybrid - to do a bit of healing/repairing, mixed with dps.

And no one said that fixer is going to heal and recharge ff, from where are u getting this info? Thats what I am trying to explain u entire time, how u have a wrong info or guessing about his abilities when abilities were never created and weapons are def not meant to be for fixing anything.

Maybe someone here has some nice idea of heavy/support class, I just got a random ideas what support can do (to fit with fft).

  1. blind enemies (unable to use abilities on few seconds everyone who got blinded in X radius)
  2. enemy unable to heal
  3. dmg buff (lets say it gives 20% of dmg buff everyone in radius of it, maybe casted like Shockers and Tech E ability)
  4. removing stun on a single target (as stun from Commando or chained stuns from Tank, Bombers bomb)
  5. resistance on damage (friendly team in X raidus recive 40% less dmg from the enemy)
  6. slowing enemies (area ability, enemies who are affected by it move slower for 50%)


u have a great info but i didn’t say that the support class only repair hp\ff i mean the support class would be very cool if he repair hp\ff but nevermind becuase if shocker and tech are togather in one team will make the team stronger
so just forget it actually then what about the heavy class then ?


Bombers support role is often over looked somewhat, i actually think bomber is better as support than as dps by quite a long way if you have a reasonable team with you.
It works really well as a bullet sponge on the roof inside the shuttle if you can stay mobile, while also stunning multiple targets at once for any team mates to mop up.
And its really good for general annoyance/distraction for targets at distance so your team mates again can mop up.
And in my experience, there’s little more effective for shutting down and generally annoying the smeg out of tanks than a well timed stun grenade.


assassin is a part of support class becuase of his bomb
not only bomber


EH he is more like cancer x’D


OH Yeah more and more like b



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