New Hero Archer


for real we need a new hero but not archer
its been a long time
but you guys should add a new hero before you realse the new update


I was thinking about hero with water gun


LOL XD but that would be great if it damages the player alot


And an slingshot as secondary?




we already have bomber and commando at 3rd gen, we need a tank and support class suit next. They arent "Hero"s by the way, but suits, classes.


dude they became boring bomber and commando are not new heroes they’re old heroes since 2015 we need a new hero because i got bored of the old heroes



And he has a point, every genearion has 2 dps, 1 heavy and 1 support class. So if 2 next came out, gonna be support and heavy.


yeah but maybe you should add a hero who heals and fix the shield bar
and the heavy hero will be very op then blaster


And with that we would get another broken class.



what you mean (and with that we would get another broken class) watchu mean
and what im saying that the heavy hero will be more stronger then blaster
i got bored everybody saying that blaster is op because he has a minigun with rocket launcher and yeah he is op but maybe you developers can add another heavy class that would be more stronger then blaster


Nice joke, HAHA!


??? :confused: what joke


U really have a wrong way of thinking xD
Just because something MIGHT would be stronger than Blaster, means it would literally destroy every class in the game, got it now? Not like I would play X class to chase Blasters around, can do that with Tank anyways.


lol ok then what heavy class and what support class will be ??? then
actually the name of the support class going to be fixer means he fix the shield bar and heal the player it would be great and the heavy class what it would be actually ?


no one ever said this


:expressionless: then what im going to say it then ??? im sorry but english is not my first laungauge if you see


Lol. Not that, what I meant with that is ‘no one ever said that Fixer will fix shields’, got nothing to do with ur English.


lol you know what ok you should not add a support class called fixer maybe another support class that you think in your brain
since 2016 everyone thought that there will going to be a hero called fixer and it will be added soon i don’t know why i did tell you about that hero


that’s what i was going to say
fixer will going to recharging friendly units and heals them
like shocker when he recharging friendly units with his lightning gun but fixer will recharging friendly units with another weapon