New Hero Archer


Well , there are many players demanding for this hero . A new hero
should be coming in to the game . Well the name should be Archer or
artillery or something and the new hero should have a bow and arrows ,
this would be the primary weapon , just like Assault rifle . the
secondary weapon should be a long shot bow (basically , a bow which can
shoot only one arrow at a time {just like rail gun } but it should take a
bit time to charge and then shoot ) which deals a bit more damage than
rail gun . Please the new hero should be like this. Many people are
demanding for it ( as u can see a guy made a thread on it ) so please ,
this hero should be introduced . I would love it :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:

P.s: I created the thread here instead of the suggestions topic because you people change the topic and then take it to a whole other world there :joy: :joy: :joy: so please have a fine look at this request and dont start a big argument just because i didnt post this in the suggestions topic . I posted it there too .


Bow and arrow seems like a crappy weapon, and him having the same weapon as a primary and as a secondary is not a good idea, even if their fire rate is different. FFT is futuristic game, medival ideas won’t really work here.


But i like it AF


You make some good points, I’m almost convinced that it should be a class…


Thanks :smiley: , And yea it would be cool having a new class like this :kissing_heart: :heart_eyes:


Do you know what “sarcasm” means? Google the definition if you don’t know.


the use of remarks that clearly mean the opposite of what they say, made in order to hurt someone’s feelings or to criticize something in a humorous way: That’s it isn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the Cambridge version, Cambridge sucks but their definitions are spot on.


This game is not supposed to be one of those shitty games like LoL and Labyrinth.


@Anasmasterking What would this classes “skills, powers, bombe.” " Q, E, F" be.

Some type of grapple-hook to move or pine targets?

Covering that arrows in some sort of something to course some sort of effete?



Suggested a class like this before but the name of mine is Fletcher/Recon.

Primary: Composite bow (chargeable, shoots in arc form, lock-on range is medium, arc laser guide)
Press R to change shot type:
A.) Rapid (3 arrows straight)
B.) Scatter (6 arrows slightly scattered)
C.) Pierce (1 strong damage arrow that passes through targets and deals bleed damage )

Secondary Siege Crossbow (scope, bolts are affected by gravity, explosive bolt, higher cooldown than RG.)

Skill 1: Shadow walk
-20% chance to dodge and ability to run on walls.

Skill 2 Change coating (for bow only, no cooldown)
A) Poison ( weak poison damage + slow)
B) Fire (strong burn damage)
C) Healing (50 hp/arrow, heals burn and poison)

Bomb: Tranquility Bomb

  • Wide AoE
  • Slows down target by 20%
  • Freezes skill cooldown
  • Slows down Attack speed by 20%


Bow and Arrows can be futuristic lol, wtf are u talking about?
It should be primary only.


Actually,this FFT for space heroes and have technology…do you mean Laser Bow or Hyper Artillery?


I should be a class, don’t you think
The name of the class should be Mah ( Obviously )
Primary: Sword
Secondary: Sword
Like Samurai Jack bby.
The skills animation should be Sexy.
The appearance should be Ultra Sexy.
If you disagree than you’re a hater, haters gonna hate.
Beat this SS @xRaiLight , ugly


What about a high tech future crossbow than a bow and arrows


Bow is literally my fav weapon,but might be weird for many players to use it. It has specific way of aiming,way different than rail gun,so takes a bit of time to learn how to use it properly. Crossbow can work as well.


But it would be awesome . By the way @Zeretly_Myzery I love those suggestions of yours :heart_eyes:


Lmfao erotic class

Way of aiming on Monster Hunter (bow). ^^ But there should be auto-lock for close-mid range.

LOL tnx XD


Nah, auto lock is not needed. Not like u can auto lock with rail on close range x’D
Bow works perfectly on close range.


Make boba Fett a class!