Mutant Fighting Arena


Hello, try now by clicking on Ankits icon, there should be option to send a private message.
You are a new user, so I changed it that you can send messages now (takes some time for level 1, security reasons).


Loading screen often freeze when I start to fight in rank mode(enjoying become to boring). I must reload page again and again and my rank set back because of this.I use gem to rise my mutant and loses gem by no fight.Why no quality adjust high medium low .I hope you intend to fixing it more than routine reply day by day. Thank you.


not cool master


The same problem as other players(That not any fixing untill now)
1 freezing load screen
2 can’t log in anymore after reach gold rank
So, willing to collect all mutants and reach level 10 is ending.Thank you and good bye.I won’t come back again.


why do you have to wait for you mutant to rest it makes no scense


the ai has a lot of advantages it happen multiple times that the first attack was a special attack and sometimes they can perform this 3 in a row wich i can’t sow how am i supposed to train my new mutants?


also why are some of the previous mutants not in the game?


Buddy if got attacked like your mutants are attacked i doubt you just stand up and shrug it of. but in all seriousnes you do know that the waiting time is based on the damage your mutant has after the battle. get defeated and you need to either use 1 gem or wait a hour to use that mutant. (if your hp is 0 but you took damage from spikes and still managed to defeat your oponent than the waiting time will be about 6 minutes).


I thought the game was quite intriguing although thou encountered a difficult quandary when faced against the panda. The pandas precarious claws kept coming rekting my tiger. My piers and I have come to the conclusion thou panda must be permanently illicted from the game.

thanks - Caitlyn Fedderson


Что за режим MANIA?


After some time I returned to this game (because I like it), played much, had many high level mutants, money 6000+ ruby ~180.
TODAY was playing and after reload the website all my progress\stuff suddenly got lost. THIS HAPPENED AGAIN. I only reloaded the website, nothing more. Why developers never fix this?? What to do now, begin from the scratch?? I wasted many hours for this…DISGUSTING…GIVE MY STUFF BACK



I’ll check if we can do something.


I want to play the game!!!




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Hello :100:


merhaba ben mert froma katılbilir miyim?


kk of course kk


i want my health is 895 and my attack is 91


yay! i upgrade my shark! i’m so happy:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: