Mutant Fighting Arena


Exactly… It happens every time i am clicking online save for my account arsenicxeffect…It is just so sad cause I was already unlocked a lot of monsters there…


thanks, we’ll check.


Nothing has changed though


ah, checking with developer.


hi my quick fight is still loading it’s been like 1 hour…


can you try refreshing ?


i tried one and still didn’t work but i tried it again and it’s good now :slight_smile:


ah good to know :slight_smile:


can you please try now.


:cry:I tried… But still its no good. I guess its the same to what other players are saying. The account will automatically freeze as soon as you hit gold rank. :((:sweat:


It is just to sad cause the game is cool for me but I guess I have to let it go since its seems impossible to fix.


it should be fixable, im checking with developer again.

and about the gold rank issue it have been fixed in the latest update.


hello para todos y para mi


is that is too




I LOST ALL THINGS I have unlocked after I got stucked on loading screen :rage: The game was periodically did not load characters or freezing on loading screen which I could fix after reloading page but now all my unlockings are gone. Can someone fix this and return my stuff back??
Also when I log in instead of my nickname it says “player” which is the nickname of another user which I have played several times.
What’s going on?


maybe you can try to login again ? or try different browser ?


I tried several times with firefox, chrome and other browsers but it just deleted all my progress and offers to begin as new. Do you have access to server? there should be left logs or something about user data. I’m really disappointed, I played several hours this game because this is great game to have fun, I really like it and suddenly all my characters and money are gone. Why this happened exactly in this game?! :disappointed_relieved:



I’ll check if we can do something. can you please pm me your registered username and email id with the account you had your progress.


Hi Ankit and thanks for offering me help but I can’t find from where I can pm you. I entered on your profile but there is no option, although on my profile on “messages” tab there is not an option to compose one?!