Mutant Fighting Arena


Hello Guys,

we are releasing a new game after Mutant Fighting Cup and Mutant Fighting Cup 2 of the series “Mutant Fighting Arena”

Let us know if you wants to play this game.

Game have been released

Web Version:
Android version:
iOS version:


Decent. :yum:
I’ve never played any of the prequels but will this one have pvp?


Yes its basically as PVP game.


Rainbow pony the best.


Your pony looks really happy too :grin::joy:


He was happy when we killed him,I promise :joy:


omg i didnt connect… im gonna crazy…huhuhuhu:disappointed: pls help me to connect again…


Should work now, please check again.


it is really fun to play


… ok good


Does anybody have a problem loading the game? It started approximately 12 hours ago.



game is working fine, can you please try again.



Hi Ankit!

Thanks for your reply!
I still have a problem with it.
It loads normally, passes the first ‘Play’ button and when I try either a saved game on ID.Net or local it gets stuck in a screen saying “Loading”.
I’ve tried two different browsers. Clear cache and cookies. I even tried different sites offering the game with the same result.
Any idea what might be the problem?


PS.: I have the feeling that my saved file is corrupted for some reason and that’s why it won’t load. Any idea how I could completely delete that and start over? (Deleting the game from the ID dashboard doesn’t solve the problem)


I’ll ask our developers to have a look.



Nice game though my enemy oftenly strikes 2 or 3 times before my mutant does… Most especially during the rank and quick fight…



can you please check your internet speed ?


Крутая игра


The game no longer works, it hangs in the loading screen …


its working for me, can you please try again.


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