Match Results You're Most Proud Of



This is basically a thread for the most one-sided, close-run, or random match results. It can be a really small three-kill game or a 60-kill blowout. All that matters is that you’re proud of it.

I’ll go first.

We probably should have had our collective butts kicked in this match, but we finished with a score of 1001 - 200. This was the first match that I had ever won against a Blaster without switching to a specialty hero like Assassin.


Wow. I’ll grudgingly admit that’s highly impressive. Congratulations!
Here’s some of my favorites:
This bomber match against guests, I played bomber 90% of the time and I’m happy with the kill amount even if it’s against guests :slight_smile:

This one, though we eventually lost it was really fun (even though it was all blaster :P)

Another blaster match, in retrospect any class would have been better, but this match was possibly my favorite. Why? It was the first game in a long time that I played against “good” players – that month was particularily boring so far and this really was fun. Though it was all blaster as well.


This one was interesting, got at least 3 high rank players quitting because I wouldn’t let up on the match.

Not quite a high score, but 23 to 0 on a guest gunner isn’t bad.

This reason I took this one, was because I played the entire match using only commando’s long range ^^


Had 92 kills once but didn’t managed to get a screenshot.


Wow Amazing!


Not proud at all, bc just playing with Guests anyway…


OMG 91 kills and 40 assists!


Assists are bugged on commando.


This just happened this morning :slight_smile:

Before there was a Maj. krizen on the other team, kept hunting me with SMG scout lmao. I eventually lost this due to time


Hacker, somebody confirm pls. xd


Oh I didn’t know that.


I can confirm Dea as Haxor :eyes:


Not the biggest number of kills I’ve gotten, but certainly a decent TDM ratio ^^


This match was super close, took the full 20 minutes in Moon Base :slight_smile:


was fun.


This one was pretty close, but it came down to teamwork that just wasn’t happening for team yellow.

50 kills is fair for guest gunner. ^^


Started with this:

Then this:

Pretty happy with my kill amount :smiley:


Made a couple videos of matches where I got good ratios.
This is using steam.
I get more rail kills in the first one.

Finally figured out how to record the steam version… Lite cam for steam is choppy, so I used Obs.


Here’s an incredible match that convinces me we need lft+ rooms back!

(before there was a G2. PASTORE on Blue team but he left right before the taking of this screenshot.)

Another incredible match here, everyone was here from beginning of the game. I gotta thank my team for helping me cap for once :stuck_out_tongue:

I used tank for most of the game but switched to shocker at the end :thumbsup:


my best this year. Worst part is the death was at the last second of the game ._.