Match Results You're Most Proud Of


The AR spam is real.


was %80 rail gun though


Had a fairly decent match playing shocker :stuck_out_tongue:


Decided to randomly choose my next hero. To my chagrin, it turned out to be Blaster.


Had a decent kill streak today. Not the best I’ve gotten, but certainly the best I’ve gotten in a couple months lol


Those games in shuttle bay where all you want to do is cap and win and you go like 50-67 KD but you actually get the dub in overtime. Any games like that are the ones that are worth anything. Shouts to andrea and rob for being a lot of the reason those games happens. #supportspam


Rob mostly played Tank from what I remember xD
I would say Pad and I used to be combo from hell X’D


Nothing spectacular here,

But a nice kdr, and a marshall team member which isn’t all that common to see these past few weeks.





probably my best snipe battle in couple of months


too intense oof :imp:


but…but…we won!!


I was doing decent until 2 of their team decided to switch to tech, and subsequently lagged the game so much, in conjunction with scout haze, that the game crashed a few seconds later.

Was a fun game until they switched to tech though :smiley:


Didn’t know this thread existed
Here is mine from the past when it came out on steam



rip team and teamates



The best results are the 80 kill 100 death games with rob, pad, and andy all playing shocker but you end up pulling out the W from luck alone in overtime on shuttle bay.


True tho.
Its real fun when the opponent is tough