I'm back, here to help

Maybe some might remember me as the guy who made the FFT discord chat. Just to clear up some stuff.

Why did I leave FFT Discord chat.
I had issues in other game, with my clan. I needed some more time, and I felt like I won’t be able to help the chat in any way, so I decided to give the Ownership to Ryan [One of the FFT Mods] and just simply leave the server. Right now, as you can see I’m back and I have A LOT of free time, so I can be helpful again.

Why do I wish to come back?
Why not? Lol, as I stated, I have more time I cleared up everything, and I can spend more time on FFT and try improving the Discord chat. I learned some more stuff about it. :wink:

I really feel sorry for leaving the chat without saying anything, didn’t even tell Ryan. So, I will try my best on working on the chat as well as making it more improved. I re-joined the chat. You can private message me there if you want to.

So, I have some questions, I think Admins will be able to answer them. I haven’t really read the forum topics yet, but I see a huge improvement in it forums. Even more, the Administrators themselves are awesome. I still remember when I requested a name change, and it got changed within a day or so. In some other games it takes MONTHS that to happen. As I stated, great Admins. I’m going way too off-topic LOL.

So, lets start with the most simple one. What happened to FFT? I’ve already asked Ryan via discord, but still, I decided to do that once again here.
When I log in my account I have the Recruit rank, meanwhile I was way higher rank then Recruit.
Next one, whenever I try to join a match, the game itself is broken. Laggs so much, the camera movement is broken as well. Just an addition, I remember the Europe matches were full when I was here, right now 90% of the matches are empty, the other 10% are with 1-2 people in it. That’s sad, because the game itself is great, I had so much fun when playing it.

Okay, so that’s all I wanted to say. Thank’s for reading my pretty huge post, and please, understand me.
Have fun!


Our Messiah has returned!

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Welcome back my man!

Welcome back
Things happened, the developers have permanently disabled Web Player from the game, if means if you get a browser that supports web player or Unity its still not gonna work since web player is disabled from the game.
You can talk to @Ankit about transfering your account from Kongregate or official site to id.net.
When they disabled the Web Player they enabled/released WebGL.
I can’t tell you more I might tell you wrong info about it for now, but feel free to talk to Ankit about it and about " How-To"

Tbh, I’m still a bit confused myself lol. When I log in It says play as guest or register and idk what to do to use my main accounts. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention to the forum much but I think we have to trasnfer our kong accounts to Id.net and a lot of stuff happened with Unity and web player.

When I joined the game as a guest I saw literally no one online so Idk if it’s because people can’t log in or what. I keep seeing a lot of people talking about transferring accounts and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Can 1 person please tell me in detail what’s going on? Especially with me not being able to log in on my accounts. Sorry but it’s been confusing and I’d appreciate it if someone can clarify for me.

Edit: I saw this in Ankit’s post:

So that actually helped a lot.

Glad to see u around again.
I left that channel, but have fun using/improving it.

you were seen online on the 17th of November Year 2022
@cyborg1 i tried calling you but you have already left
others they never came back

Replying to forums 6 years later is like

um excuse me what the actual f

He’s loved mod, who has returned from his absence

Why are you referring to him as Messiah

He is not the Messiah :skull_and_crossbones:

It’s been 7 years m8 allow him :sob:

I wasn’t saying I was not welcoming him back.

Welcome back I don’t really have discord but I will welcome from others!! :innocent: :smile: :sweat_smile:

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