FFT Webplayer is closed

Hello Everyone,

we have closed FFT WebPlayer permanently so no more hackers.

also we would have transfer tool live in few days so all of you can transfer your old account to WebGL.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

Edit: Old FFT login wont work on frefalltournament website anymore, wait for transfer tool to get your progress transferred into your idnet account.

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Would we be also be use the acc we had in the main web(www.freefalltournament.com)??

Yes this tool is almost finished, should be live very soon.

Okay,that way i can play FFT again,thanks Ankit

For sure.

when will be we can use our old id

can’t wait :slight_smile:

Is it the webgl version now or still the other one?

They closed the Unity Webplayer version.

Wow, that’s amazing to hear, but we also want to know wether the lag problem in the WebGL version is caused by our incabable pc’s or is it just the game still eeds some modifications?

Not sure if this helps but…

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thanks for your concern but its still under beta.

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Smought, its gonna be bad its only beta so give it a bit more time to improve
Ty ankit


Is this webgl for any good or what ?! . I open the game and then go to
any server , it says connection has been lost . there is such high ping
now . I am unable to play and the game is freezing even though I
reduced the graphics to fastest . Earlier the game ran fast in good
graphics label too but now its all fucked up . This webGL is stupid .
can you please launch the old fft again ? please . I just cant play in
this webgl

Sorry If i am using harsh words , but … I really have to . Sorry . I just cant resist playing the game for even without a day . please fix these issues , the internet pings . the game freezing lag and the disconnection problem when I enter the servers .
Thanks :smiley: :smiley:

I’m Michael Jordan
Stop it, get some help


It’s Beta version. Which part of FF, IE, ANYTHING is not supporting webplayer anymore u didn’t understand?

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With that addition he has, no I don’t think he did

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Please give us some time, everything is going to be all right.

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