I love y8 for making this game


Y8 is the best game i ever played!!!


Y8 didn’t make it… free range games made it and sold it to Y8


Yeah this is the first game that i play with my friend at school!!!
y8 games is the best@


what @maurad.ma says is true, I do remember playing the game when FRG was the devs of freefall tournament
here’s proof and I would have thought free range games would have deleted this off of their games list


@shadowelite7 that a cool games do u use to played that everytimes or sometimes if you dont mind me asking​:blush::blush::blush:


I have played freefall tournament since 2014, I played it everyday untill it got sold to y8. Now the game is not receiving updates. I don’t play much now since it’s on steam. Since I am extremely good. I hardly see any good players so I end up farming on guests.

The only part that was really challenging in the past freefall tournament we’re hackers. This version of freefall tournament doesn’t feel very challenging and would keep me playing 3-10 hours a day playing.


Ok BTW it cool… Do u use to play hide online game… just asking​:smile::smile::smile::smile:


No not really




I don’t play many browser based games anymore




what happen to that :joy::joy::joy:


I moved on since I recently got a new PC, I like playing old school shooters like quake

Then I recently got back into Roguelikes like NetHack


Ohhhhhhhhh ok…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yah lol




but do u miss y8 games or not​:smile::smile::smile:


But maybe I might make some browser games when I am finished with my current RogueLike dev project


OK lol :blush::blush::blush:


Eh, I never really new about y8 games until I heard about Freefall tournament being sold to Y8 and id.net