Hero Balance


Agreed but they cant usually chase virtually anything down. I dont have any problem with their damage output or even their survivability (not including bubble) but their ability to roam at silly speed is rediculous and only adds to their survivability even more cos they can always get to health before death


Its like I wrote that tank page for nothing, Tank is stronger than blaster in game overall, just because blaster is almost never free.


I’m not saying blaster isnt OP, it is but for me tank is even worse cos its got so many ways to escape even with headshots or flames or blasters coming at it.


I agree with most of what you said about tank as it goes but im not sure about shotgun, i mean you could go that way but it would prob be easier to keep hmg and just limit its range. The slide speed thing, i think there is a cap on slide speed already however as you’ve addressed it is too high but i also think a slide metre could work so you can still have a burst of speed but cant relentlessly hold that speed forever. The metre would have to go down quite quick for heavies though.


Oh something else i think that should be changed is to either completely revamp or even just remove all crit shots. At the moment there is no way of getting a crit other than pure blind luck. The amount of times ive had a toe shot do massively more damage than a headshot is just rediculous


No it doesn’t. Idk ehat youre talking about but Tank barely does any damage compared to Blastsr plus it moved slower. Tanks you can at least ignore whereas i leave once a blaster comes into the room.


@Rja12 I think the simple test for Tank being more OP is that a single Tank often can turn a game around (except TDM) by clearing the capture point, but a Blaster needs a support class besides him to be as effective

Getting kills doesn’t affect the game outcome, only thing that matters is capturing the point. And If I wanted to cap I’d pick Tank over Blaster any day


ur commando is better than tank, so id rather u pick commando if we were on same team u good at clearing cap with it then u are at clearing with tank.


I used to be fairly good at Tank actually. I had to get good at it because sometimes it’s the only class that will let you win

And even though I have more practice with Commando it is nowhere near as good for capturing games, trust me :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you read my ideas on tank balancing?
Im very defensive about it lel, very immature over it I want people to read it XD *continues whining*


Yea I did read it. I think at this point it’s better to just tweak small things and see if it fixes Tank without doing any drastic changes. If they made the buckler absorb only 95% damage instead of 100% (so tanks can’t just run away in Buckler mode with 1hp or completely ignore snipers while it caps) and the Q ability last for 50% of its duration I think it will be fine. If it doesn’t fix the issue, or makes tank too weak (probably not lol), they can do more drastic changes.


My ideas yes are drastic only in the hvy shotgun and that is only reintroducing tank to that weapon, when that was the weapon on tank the mauler was used as the primary (unless u werent smart) and it made it so balanced with Q at half duration that would be too much in itself, the tank needs a re up an introduction into the 4th generation of FFT and this would be it. Barely anyone complains about the buckler, it is the insta lock stun from braindead click and hold.


No, it shouldn’t. It’s not a glitch nor a bug. It’s a feature. I mean, decreasing saber’s inconsistent damage would be ideal, but messing with its actual functionality won’t solve anything. At best, it’ll make Scout an extra ingredient in a hamburger helper recipe.


1.) Despite being a heavy, tank has extremely good escape mechanism and ganking abilities.
3.) Tank’s concussion bomb doesn’t only damage the target, but also makes them flinch. (Can also stun-lock targets.
4.) Tank has better armor and defensive abilities (Neutron Shell and Buckler Shield).
5.) Mauler can stun-lock targets to death.
6.) One tank is enough to turn the tables of the game.

6.) Blaster still dies, but tank can cheat death effortlessly. (If they choose to)


It has never been a feature, it’s a glitch. If you ever used double slash you’ll notice the animations, one in top of an other (in certain occasions you can even see the animation get completely bugged and not see the sword move). It literally ruins the concept of scout, all you have to do now to be effective is rush down and get close to double slash + R. Spacing and tactis aren’t as important… If I meet a scout now all it does is rely on the Q and double slash, which is easy to counter and pathetic to look at.


You are right, I don’t consider clicking each sec something skillful.


Hey, at least they have to click. Compare that to Blaster where you can literally tape your keyboard and mouse down…


gave myself some time to focus a bit more on that post
1.rather intresting,just hope it’s practical enough
aside that, there’s nothing wrong about the gun
2.agreed with the mauler
the buckler should probably get a longer recovery or be reusable at around 35-40% instead of 50
3.i think there should also be some sort of disatvantage when you activate the bubble,even when you get 1-2 seconds and the remaining DoT the bubbles just solves so many tight situations by simply being activated,i think the tank should have some sort of a practical disatvantage for acticating the bubble. it seems fair other then the blazer and the supports all the classes still have to worry about something even when their Q is up
as for the headshot penalty,i think its uselss,the bell-rung effect is quite random and if the tank would get slower like he should he would allready be a sitting duck (that aside just beacuse he’s big and powerfull dosn’t mean he’s a complete idiot
4.agreed,i think it should probably add more freeze stacks too,maybe a multihit attack?
5.1 lucky crit and this bomb instakills lights,there needs to be a damage nerf


People say this a lot and I don’t get it. When I try to aim for the head and I hit it, it always bell rings for me.


sometimes it stays for a split second and sometimes it stays for roo long