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Annoying Mine

  1. Tech / Shocker character
  2. Shuttle Bay KOTH

When you respawn, fly ontop of the floating building and throw in mines

Then, you will need to catch the purple nuker bomb and quickly go inside of that floating building.

You will need to use shift (gravity boots) so it is faster for you to move, and throw the mine you collected at the control point.

Then, you will catch another purple nuker bomb at the opposite side and repeat this again

If you are using shocker, use your shield turret inside the building on your pathway. If there is enemies inside the floating building, you can also shock them. But i suggest you to keep the skill.

If you are Tech, consider putting down turrets to distract your enemie’s attention. If your teammate is fighting, consider stop this run and heal them. If they die, run away :slight_smile:


  1. Deals great damage to a group of scout
  2. Helps your low-range teammate alot
  3. Triggers someone
  4. Sometimes you get easy kills from people who is likely rushing
  5. Shocker will keep chasing you if they sense that you are annoying
  6. Homing bullets from Blaster will hurt you and makes you more vulnerable
  7. Mines on the pathway
  8. Railgunners

my highest 12 kills for using the mines
but this technique is not going to end well because people would likely change their characters and start targetting you

For Training Arena map:
Throw 3 mines at the same place near their spawning area. It can’t be too close as they have a shield when they respawn. most of the time, people will die instantly because there is 3 mines at the same spot


Hi TioDi,

Upgrades do very little difference on how fast you kill. This has a lot to do with the skill / experience you have using that specific class. For example, with Gunner, killing in 2-3 shots from long range is very common and can be done with no upgrades at all. Other classes that do a lot of damage do so at the cost of defence (though in most cases this can be nullified with good play).

Upgrades really do not do much. The generals you see playing “kill with a few shots” are not greatly assisted by their upgrades, trust me. At your rank I personally would focus on getting all the classes, getting a feel of what class you want to play as your main, etc.

Hopefully this helped!


Hey everyone

Just to let you know. The browser version of FFT is not working but if you want to keep playing the game. The steam version still works. How I know this is that I am playing it on steam right now.

also 5$ is worth to play the game tbh
You don’t get alot of lag like on the browser and the ping is lower in some areas.


Happy 100k views? xD


From where?


lol why is this still alive :joy:


i consider gunners as strong heroes
dunno why :neutral_face:


u mean buying the game is better then playing it on the browser?
i guess im going to buy the game on steam then


Yeah, it’s better to buy it on steam
The only difference is the performance since playing fft as a desktop app performances much better than the browser.
Also my main is Gunner.