💫 Freefall Tournament: General Discussion 💫



you should have said delete system 32


what is the purple background what map is it? moon base?




it’s a fucking shame this game have no ping’s filter… i’ve just endend a match where i can’t saw where the fuck were half of the enemy team


If it did have a ping filter, I would no longer be able to play, since I’ve moved to a place that requires me to use satellite internet. My ping is often near 400 now unfortunately.


and is very frustrating for us too let you play with a ping of 400.
So many times i get shot and nobody is near me or shotting someone who’s realy on another ide of the map


lol/ text me


why isn’t the game free on steam? it was free on web and really there is no reason for anyone to buy it on steam. Espcially not this late. The game was on steam greenlight so far back and now it costs. I remember the game was on android for some time as well.


Let me explain this because it’s obviously extremely simple to answer
The web version contains adds and y8 earns money from the adds

Once on steam. No adds can be supported. What else can you earn money for from a game on steam when not all of the fft players buy in game items or cosmetics. This is why fft is $4.99 on steam and it’s not that bad of a price for a multiplayer only game.


I guess you’re right. I really wanted to have it on steam, I used to play this game so much 4-5 years ago. Think I reached General rank 2 or something xD. If this game would have only managed to come out on steam in 2014 it would be more popular.


I agree


I have only one question: why can’t they solve the game problems?


Y8 does not have any new developers to support fft


can we do something for the people who do bug using?


A brief video on how it is to play with high ping :stuck_out_tongue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnPpKjX09DY&feature=youtu.be
The other tank freezes in midair and there’s plenty of warping and frame drops lol


dang, I haven’t seen this before


Hi, for your info, FFT server will be rebooted now and tomorrow morning it will be shutdown for maintenance for approx 3 hours

Thursday August 29 7am AMS time = 5am UTC


Thank you, I have noticed an improvement. Of course I wasn’t complaining, I know pretty much all the issue is on my end. Bad internet service makes all the difference. I mainly post videos like this one I just recorded today > https://www.youtube.com/embed/XR4d8L9JhcM
So that people can see I’m not hacking, while I work on the last 700 or so xp I need to reach Mar and the cessation of my fft play till/if I can remedy my connection ^^


Hi, My freefall Nickname is Maj.TioDi.

My ping is always at 300 because I live in Brazil.

I wonder what you have to level on heroes to kill with a few shots. Equal the Generals.

By Google translator


Do you mean upgrading heroes?