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how can u pls send screenshot


I mean like it’s not even that hard


Sadly it doesnt work , Known bug , Insane hero used to do it manually , but no more devs now , so no idea


Makes sense


hmm k i can try


:neutral_face: hiforce




hi hao :smile:




hello owo


can we do something for the players from others regione( or more commonly people with highest ping)??? they have a fucking high ping and it’s a problem because often they could shot and see us (with a max ping 110 circa when i have bad connection) before we can only undersrand where they will come from and we can’t do anything


High ping is caused by playing on the browser. You get a lower ping when you play on steam.

How I know

On browser I get 300 ping
On steam I get 30-54 ping


the problem is not my ping but their ping…


we can see here G2NAO who bravely fight a bunch of guest with a Blaster and a ping averagely high


yes, shes a veteran


I meant that not anyone plays the steam version because they don’t know what it is or they just play at school or on a chromebook


Do they still do name changes :confused:


Ping is sometimes just visual, but very often its simple bad internet connection along with PC.

It doesn’t help much that game is on browser either.

I know what u mean and it exists in the game from the beginning sadly. I also wish that if someone has high ping, impacts only them but sadly players with normal ping suffers from it too.

@haydeeahumada no, sorry, it’s disabled for a while now.




Oof :expressionless: