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ahh… ok but fft is dead for a long time right someone told me no offense.


Ofc,its totally dead


they sould shutdown the game if no one play it anymore cvs shutdown


That makes no sense, by dead i mean no more old players
At least let the new guys have some fun


Army guy is right, not alot of old players play the game. When I was at a programming class today. I saw 2 kids playing FFT and I thought that was very cool even though they were playing as guests.

Also Y8 wouldn’t really shutdown the project because they are earning money through add revenue.

Also another reason is it might spark interest for another developer coming in to support the game.


Hi! @Ankit I cannot transfer my account i guess its bug idk can you help me pls ? ;_; And I cant DM u My Account is new can u dm me ? :slight_smile:


It’s not a bug. The developers left so no one can’t really maintain it so now its basically removed


Not like it was there only 2 years…


it’s interesting how this discussion got 2089 replies…
especially since the game is almost dead
this is the 2090 btw


so no one can transfer their accout on idnet






This game never fails to impress me with the salt one can cause when they’re like 4 ranks higher than you LMAO


willl new update come@shadowweilite7,@nox


don’t really know because the devs left. the game can’t update without developers


who are the dvep?


they don’t work for y8 so there is no point in asking


hmm ok


how to CHANGE a account pass i guy said me to click on forget the pass but no work can u send screenshot how to chnage it


You forget pass
You type in new pass
Confirm new pass
Now you have a new pass