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You’re incorrect. Reread what I said - it is not speculation. It’s personal experience.


probably i’m not so skilled…btw i tried to buy a blaster but i was so tired, i clicked on the wrong hero and now i have 0 credits and a fucking shocker


Every class has it’s advantages mate, don’t underestimate shocker or any other class because most of the “pro” players you see in your opinion are blasters.


nono i wanted a blaster because i think people like me not soo skilled can compete with a blaster only using another blaster.
Shocker is usefull too i saw mny shocker realy hard to die , but i don’t like use it


tbh every blaster is actually a noob in disguise. Think of it like this. You just bought the game. Go to the hardest difficulty and complete that game with cheat codes. That’s basically what blaster players are. They aren’t very skilled at the game so they go to a hero that isn’t well balanced but very OP.

I am very high skilled with Gunner and that was my main since I first played fft in 2014. you can see an example of me vs blackxhadow

also I was very high skilled at one point where I made 656 killstreak, 0 deaths and there were quite a few commandos and blasters in the spacestation lobby.


True pros don’t show off :joy:


they used to in the past.


Tbh i dont rly see anything high skilled in that video,u had decent speed and all u did was ar spam…
Would have been called high skilled if u had sniped that assassin




true, at the beginning, it showed that I had an 11 killstreak. I was talking about that part only so maybe @erduc could understand that the player is skilled with the class he/she plays best.


^I think this goes for anything in life. Calling urself great means nothing.
Unless u want same treatment as Ronney lol.

Also that AR Gunner gave me cancer, not sure what is ‘very high skilled’ in that (esp. mega dmg)

On a side note, u never actually played Gunner in Lft+ rooms or with veterans (not recently but either 2014 or 2015). Was on Commando constantly and thats how I remember u.

Lol to be fair, thats one way to do it and I get ur point. Sucks that u bought by mistake class that u didnt want.


I wasn’t lft in 2014-15. I was seargent major. I only got to lft from the account merging since the devs said when you merge accounts. It will add up z cash and xp.

Although I don’t really remember seeing you in the game.


Ah sorry, what I meant with Lft+ rooms is just rooms filled with veterans (wasn’t always Lft Dock)

But might be later then


I think it’d be interesting if lft/rank limited rooms would be fixed to actually rank limit, or at least limit the amount of guests in those rooms to 2 per side. I’ve seen some matches recently where each side has 1 strong player, and then there’s 8 guests divided among the teams.


Hey Nox, you’re an FFT’s admin right? I want your honest answer for my question:“Are this game’s developers updating it?” Cuz it has taken long time for many loyal players like me and others to wait.
P/S: I dont want to pressure u guys but hurry up and don’t make us disappoint. Love the game from Cpt.ssk.


I can answer this very simple since I am also very loyal and also a veteran of fft. Currently the devs left so the game isn’t be developed right now.

Now we can experience the dark ages again


Ok, what is your FFT account?? I’m Cpt.ssk, nice to meet you!


Nice to meet you too. I was cpt.shadowelite7 but when I synced my king account to my fft+steam account. It got down graded. I have been playing fft since 2014 btw.


No, sadly, game doesn’t have developers anymore. It might gonna change one day or not, dunno.


is this topic old or new i just really don’t know?