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era tabien 100 poriento de targeting perdon


Idk if it’s the place to ask for this or not, But I’m trynna play the game like i used to and i got the steam version but the problem is i can’t transfer my account since it’s stuck on “verifying, please wait” screen. i remember the email and user name and " I think" the password and i even still have access to the email, So is there any way i could get my progress back? @insanehero

this is a message i sent to fft staff when i got banned lol goes back to 3 years ago




1destroyer3 used tech bug to crash the match…someone want to do something please?


zain too is starting do it

samspeed and prestige too


10000000Z full assassin biy
quest figsht


did it is already done


i bro can i challege you on a game of football


yes you can if you are talking with me


Wow este me parece un grupo muy genial debería estar incluido aquí :wink::space_invader::heart_eyes_cat:


Calidad :wink:


i do not speak good spanish ok


Mmm ok :wink:


@Ankit i am new to this forum
nd i want to change my email address
please help me to change my email.


Bueno bro dejame decirte que no se puede cambiar la direccion de correo electronico porque yo estube cambiando el correo mio por el de mi mama y no se puede lo S I E N TO :frowning::disappointed_relieved::disappointed:


OK because @system closed this topic out.
While @Ankit opened it and we could have fun here.


No puedo jugar Freefall Tounmament Porque tengo lag osea retraso


Can I be banned for killing guests?

Google translator


I never played Freefall Tourmament Never in my life


HI guys!
Made a video on Freefall Tournament chat options, tricks and easter eggs! Enjoy!