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yooooo think about wat we’re doing :slight_smile:
actually we’re talking about the future of the FFT :wink: (fixing bugs and glitches,improving games,adding new classes&features huehuehue XD)

_The first tech in the whole FFT can fly out of the base its mine :flying_saucer: JKS :call_me_hand: _

Death in space (empty and quiet) :space_invader:

Healing a tank in space :man_mechanic: RECORD

We stand on top of the blue base :large_blue_circle: just doing a few moves XD

No one can do the following thing :hole: (except for a few people)


The truth is, there are no devs for the game




teach me how…
every time there is a blaster in a match i only see one person enjoing the game and the others try do something untill the blaster get tired to kill everyone in the match and change class


Depends really.

The question is what class you want to use to engage a blaster, I’d recommend tank or gunner, gunner can do long range, tank can harass in short range and not take too much damage due to shield.

Most blasters aren’t really that good. Shouldn’t be too hard to match their speed at long range so you can continually attack them (blaster only has good shortrange and medium-range weapons. at long range you can only try stacking rockets and hoping you get close enough for them to hit.) Sniping is always good, take off a good part of their hp and shatter+ar, slide away, rinse and repeat.

With tank, you can try to get them in an enclosed area, hmg from medium range while sliding around fast, when you get the opportunity concussion bomb them. If you’re in short range you can simply bomb+e+mauler your way towards them. They might try to run away, best alternative is to use your bomb again. If they try bombing themselves to try to kill you, Q, they will probably take high damage from the bomb & it shouldn’t be too hard to finish them off.

All in all blaster isn’t the greatest class. It just takes the least skill to do more, but the skill ceiling is very low.


I mean, that guy u played against has higher rank. U are actually one of the lowest ranks which simple means u have nowhere near enough game experience. Not saying this in mocking way, just stating what is the actual issue and why Blaster to u and many new players seems like a murder machine while, in fact, Tank even with one unusable weapon (current Webgl state of the game) is still more poweful than Blaster will ever be.

Issue I can see that u might have is: blaster spamming rockets which has auto lock so he really don’t have to aim on u and speed u are not catching with. I would say, start from learning basics about to game, such as how to use ur slide/jetpack on most effective way which makes game far more enjoyable.
Other thing is, learn what ur abilities do and to which class u should switch. See, u used Scout there. Scouts bomb, Haze, removes that auto-lock. But Blaster doesnt need auto-lock for his own bomb. Stay out of melee range, circle around him with Haze bomb thrown and use ur gun, until u learn to use ur melee more effective.
Other than that, make use of situations. Like Blaster being stunned by Shocker or some other situations which u can use to bring him down along with ur teammates.

But really, it takes time to learn this game. So start from basics, collect cash to buy other heroes and thats about it. U can find some tips on my 2 topics with guides, which might can help u to understand some things easier.


if i spent half of the time trying to kill a blaster, if the ratio is 1/10 of death i would never win and this is a fact.
a blaster can easy keep away a tank and kill him from distance, sniping a blaster with a gunner isn’t so effective.
what we’re talking about?? you can (if the blaster isn’t so skilled) kill him only with syperior heroes


I have defeated a blaster more than once


I literally answered u above. If u can’t kill him as a Tank, simple means u got no clue how to play Tank.


Not everyone has the same skills for each class


You’re incorrect. Reread what I said - it is not speculation. It’s personal experience.


probably i’m not so skilled…btw i tried to buy a blaster but i was so tired, i clicked on the wrong hero and now i have 0 credits and a fucking shocker


Every class has it’s advantages mate, don’t underestimate shocker or any other class because most of the “pro” players you see in your opinion are blasters.


nono i wanted a blaster because i think people like me not soo skilled can compete with a blaster only using another blaster.
Shocker is usefull too i saw mny shocker realy hard to die , but i don’t like use it


tbh every blaster is actually a noob in disguise. Think of it like this. You just bought the game. Go to the hardest difficulty and complete that game with cheat codes. That’s basically what blaster players are. They aren’t very skilled at the game so they go to a hero that isn’t well balanced but very OP.

I am very high skilled with Gunner and that was my main since I first played fft in 2014. you can see an example of me vs blackxhadow

also I was very high skilled at one point where I made 656 killstreak, 0 deaths and there were quite a few commandos and blasters in the spacestation lobby.


True pros don’t show off :joy:


they used to in the past.


Tbh i dont rly see anything high skilled in that video,u had decent speed and all u did was ar spam…
Would have been called high skilled if u had sniped that assassin




true, at the beginning, it showed that I had an 11 killstreak. I was talking about that part only so maybe @erduc could understand that the player is skilled with the class he/she plays best.