Satandy’s BIG Guide (from my own gameplay) PART II 👿



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Link for previous guides (Gunner, Tech, Bomber): Satandy’s BIG Guide (from my own gameplay) 😈

perfect class for masochists

Compared to the other classes, Commando is rather simple to play and very new player friendly.
But still, there are few things about it that are important to include in gameplay.

Commando rely on his primary weapon, auto-shotgun around 98% of time. And don’t start with ‘…but I use Battle RIfle too’ considering this is probably the worst weapon in FFT. Just to do one quick compare on Rail gun and BR - Rail gun needs 2-3 shots to kill Commando. BR needs 15 shots to kill a Gunner. That says enough.

Commando as class/hero is good on any map (with one exception) and he can capture fine as well.


Alright, shotguns are known as close-mid combat weapon but in FFT this thing has a bit more range (also main thing why BR is useless). Basically works the opposite of Rail gun - on closer range deals more damage. As much as it is good, sometimes can get u killed (later on about it).

Battle Rifle

A weapon that desperately needs rework or at least a buff, but hey, not like anybody cares. BR can headshot and hs stun is about half second duration (read as: useless). BR is also the main reason why I didn’t spend much time playing Commando since everything he does, Gunner does better. It’s funny also how BR is most effective as not being scoped, used on mid range. Which makes no sense. It’s supposed to be used for long range, something that shooty can’t reach. Unless the enemy team is not a bunch of new plebs that just stands in one spot, u legit never gonna use it.
Let’s sum this as simple as possible: low damage weapon with crappy bonus as half second hs stun. Sounds promising, right?


Stim pack (Q) - Two ways to use it:

  1. deal a lot of damage vs multiple enemies
  2. as escape on low hp
    If ur entire gameplay is built around this ability, that is ur first mistake. I’m putting accent on this on purpose, because I’ve seen this so many times that is kinda sad. Yes, Commando goes in total beast mode since Stim pack boosts: footwork, reflexes and thrust, with hp regeneration.
    Or on simple way - u shot and move faster while getting some hp back as self heal. That sounds too good, I know. So that’s why Hangover after duration of Stim pack expires feels really bad.
    Hangover basically makes the opposite of it - u shot and move slower than u normally would. I wouldn’t call it too bad considering that with Stim pack u can pick 5 kills and survive. So here is the tricky part - during Hangover I always go and pick ammo/hp, staying away from multiple enemies. Reason: as X class, I watch when the enemy Commando is under Hangover effect, to take them out easily since they like to stay in open space or even go 1v1 on me. I won’t go much into one specific gameplay as staying in ur base during Hangover and exiting just to use Stim pack considering those ppl got no value or any impact on the match, they are important as traffic light in GTA. Can compare them to BR (read again as: useless).

Butt Stroke (E) - Gotta admit, the only reason I like playing Commando is actually this ability. In many situations a life saver.
Stun that Butt Stroke provide is great, long duration and if u don’t miss it, it’s a guaranteed kill. Can also be used for moving around the map.

Remote Charge (F) - Top tier weapon if u like to suicide in a video games. This bomb works different than other bombs. Shocker and Tech place their mine on the ground and wait someone to walk into it. Other classes just throw and pray it will hit the enemy. Commando, unlike the others, throw a bomb and then uses the same F button to activate it. ‘But Dea, that is so simple, u just press button twice and profit from it’. Yeh, with exception that bomb has not so small radius and u end up often hitting urself.
Ideal situation: engaging the enemy, throwing Remote Charge, taking some distance and then activating it (while using shotgun).
Sometimes it’s worth getting self damage to kill someone…As long as it doesn’t kill u.

Maps and Commando

As mentioned previously, he is really good on every map, especially Arena and Moon Base. He might be a bit worse on Space Station since he suffers from same issue as any other class that isn’t Assassin - snipers. Use Stim pack to reach them and take them out. Don’t be dumb and try to use BR on them, unless u wanna drop dead.

Worst enemies - Tank, Blaster, Blazer, Shocker.
Tips for countering them

Tank - pay attention here on the list. All of listed classes are very good at close combat and that’s something where Commando belongs as well. Unlike many other classes (with exception Gunner vs Gunner), Commando should focus on dodging as much as dealing damage. Take it as 50% brain focused on attack, 50% on dodging incoming attacks. Especially when it comes to Tank. Jump around like bunny on steroids to dodge Concussion bomb. Also on that way switch between close and medium range because if u stay in close range, it’s game over for u. U deal damage. Tank deals damage and lock u in stun chain. It’s pretty obvious u got no chance in that situation. Use Butt Stroke after bubble wears off or/and make Tank uses his bubble by stroking him. During bubble duration STAY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, OUT OF TANKS SIGHT. Run, hide, cry a bit in a corner, wait on it to disappear. Just don’t freakin’ shot him while he has bubble on. Some combo would be: Shotgun + Butt stroke + get lost + butt stroke + 1-2 Remote charges and shotgun. If u really feel like it’s needed, go ahead and use Stim pack, but I always consider it as a waste on the single enemy (unless u wanna chase someone who is trying to run).

Blaster - ok, I have no other explanation why Blaster except it’s being stupidly op. Stay out of range for micro and use legit all u have. If u miss Butt stroke on him, count that u are dead.

Blazer - Blazer deals bunch of damage in close range and also can roast u pretty nicely. Extra crispy. Anyways, Blazer might be the only enemy, next to the Blaster, where u might gonna need to use Stim pack. U can Butt stroke him, but it’s also risky unless u get that sneaky stroke before he notices u. Other than that, Stim pack + medium range + 2 Remote charges should work.

Shocker - I am not talking about average Shockers, I am talking about really good ones. The difference is how average Shocker is pretty easy to kill and Butt stroke. Good one will always use Innervate to stop u and be near other teammates. Innervate and Butt stroke are similar, with 2 important differences: Shocker can’t use Innervate to move around since it’s aoe stun ability, but also recharges fully his shields and in this lays ur problem. Now either wait on Shocker to leave his ‘safe spot’ - Aegis or if he really don’t wanna move from cp, never go alone. Always check where are mines placed and can u or can’t use Butt stroke. If not, combo can be this: Shotgun + 2 Remote Charges. No need for Stim pack (unless u step on EMP).

Other enemies vs Commando

Tech vs Commando - just kill him with Shotgun + Remote. If he jumps/slides around like crazy, use Butt stroke.
Commando vs Commando - never miss Butt stroke on enemy Commando or it will cost u life. If the enemy Commando uses Stim pack, u have no other choice but to use ur own as well. It’s really important how u gonna land Remote.
Bomber vs Commando - I would call this a decent 1v1. If u manage to avoid Flare bomb and go above Bomber, he shouldn’t be much of trouble for Commando.
Assassin vs Commando - while under Panic bomb, u deal trash damage with shotgun. Now the entire trick is to catch Assassin in Butt stroke while he tries to do Knyphoon. Stim pack if losing too much hp + shotgun + Butt stroke + 1-2 Remote.
Scout vs Commando - as Commando, u gonna love playing against Scouts. Haze doesn’t have much impact on u, landing Butt stroke is easy on them and u can use 1 Remote if needed. But usually shotgun + Butt stroke is all u gonna need.
Gunner vs Commando - in closed maps like Shuttle is, as Commando it’s really easy to sneak on them. Gunner’s double sided blade - Shatter will most likely miss u unless u just stand and wait on it to hit ur face. Don’t walk in straight line either while trying to engage them. Butt stroke, take a bit of distance because most likely they gonna use Copter Kick after that, Shotgun + 1 Remote.

Gifs and images will be uploaded after Steam launch.

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