Free Skins


Hi Guys , I want tell that one day , I was trying the WEBGL version and when it opened , i clicked on heroes . It had already some of heroes and many skins too ! <3 and the account was guest , Now the thing is that i am not confirmed that it really was webgl and did i really use chrome or mozilla but that had free skins already bought . I want to know that what is that , I would recommend that to everyone who dont have skins . They would really love it :smiley: Thanks


Is my Mariposa skin there?


This is because the WebGL version of the game is still in the early stages of development hence why all the hero’s and some of the skins are free.


I seriously wish there was,it would be awesome to see wings on gunner,and if the wings could make the gunner a lot faster…wew op


Skins might stay free. Idk really, didn’t discuss much about it,but it’s unfair to ppl who bought it.


If I even begin to type everything that’s wrong with that statement everyone would be reading an essay.


Which statement?


Maybe you can earn slugs by completing​ daily challenges? They can still be purchasable, but buying them won’t be the only way to get them.


U can’t.




kk sorry


I quoted it… lol


U did on 2 sentences and idk on which exactly are u pointing or what u want to say.


“Skins might stay free”


Well thats what I know, not like I said skins should be free.


Or will be remains free :stuck_out_tongue:


Making them free is pretty stupid especially when people payed for them.


Thanks for explaining why my suggestion won’t work, you’re a truly great mod.


That sarcasm though…lol


Make them free but in exchange, gimme Mariposa/Panda skin… Also, add skins made by PIS and Ahmed, I’ll pay 100-200 kreds for each :slight_smile:


Please dont take the topic out of the world , I said there were skins , but now I open it , there are no skins in guest account , and when i register , even then the game is restarted. There are no skins


U are such a great PERSON when main thing in ur life is to make fun of other ppl for w/e reason. Openly saying how I dislike u because of the way u act and talk,not with me,but with everyone.
and forcing sarcasm so much is funny. Such a tryhard.