Free Skins


I think he got upset because you responded to his suggestion and shut it down without any explanation.


The way he said it sounded like something they might already added in the game and also u don’t need to be Einstein to figure out how game didn’t earn enough to run without loss before, which means how many ppl didn’t buy stuff from shop and game needs to sell products better, not to give it for free rofl.
And the way he was shutting down other ppl, from randoms to casual forum posters because he suffers from personal complexes and found internet as the best place to act like a ‘badass’ is not making any exuse either.

But when every other person suggested something that he found stupid or didn’t like, he made fun of it, responsed on rude way and when someone reply on his post 1% of the way he used to, poor baby gets upset.


Why I don’t have skins, it’s mean I want skins too


Making fun of suggestions that are clearly ridiculous is fine, but turning down suggestions that could potentially work isn’t, and I don’t see anything wrong with sarcasm, it’s a great way to make a point. As for my suggestion, I used a rhetorical question, and I didn’t say give slugs out for free, and also your brief explanation pissed me off . You’re a mod you need to take every suggestion into consideration, I’m just a member, I can only give my opinion to a suggestion.


Lol, now u write rules for me? I am here as forum user mostly, not a moderator.


I think Deaaa’s suggestion is sound. Just don’t act like an overall cynical contrarian jerk.


And btw ur ‘suggestion’ (as I said,if u look at my answer,what u write there could read on 2 very dif ways) is how u said ‘give FREE slugs for doing some task or daily or whatever’. Which means u don’t have to buy it,u can gain it with time in game and buy cosmetics or requisitions and then it’s free. Why would anyone spend money on something that u can have for free?
If u scroll on ur own profile,check all ur posts. As example,that archer one. U made fun of him without knowing how it can work perfectly fine in the game. And not only there. One thing is being sarcastic,another thing is forcing it so much that it becomes rude and like u insult someones intelligence. ‘I am so much smarter than u’ level.
Calm down a bit,just because it’s internet,doesn’t mean u should or can bash ppl who u don’t even know.


Doing daily tasks would make the community more active, and as for the Archer idea, he said give the Archer a bow and arrow and another bow and arrow, but with a different fire rate, so I’m pretty sure it won’t work.


You’re just jealous, granny


On what?xD


On not getting skins like me, and because I’m sexy and you’re not.
You know it you love it just admit already


I do have skins? x’D


Every human should have a skin but idk about you, ure alien


OK ._.

( says i should be more descriptive to publish my post so im writing random thing)