Fixing glitched accounts 📌


Hello. We gonna make changes soon. Please, send me in private message/post here current rank and old rank, plus if you bought something with gliched cash. Don’t forget on e-mail and username.

For players who don’t want to give old rank:

Demotion to Lft. and removing everything except Gunner

Thanks for patience.

Date until players can leave informations: 15.2. 2017.

Edit: If you bought items using real money, they won’t be removed.

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Mar.INDEGO, old rank G4


i have a question, if people glitched by rank and they dont say that they glitched, how can we know?


Can u read text again?



G3. LatiosTM, old rank MsG (yeah i know xD)


Its uuuuuuuuuuu

On what did u spent cash? e.e


its meeeeeeeeeeeeee
spent it on maxxing my gunner, scout and assassin and buying all heroes.
just don’t remove upgrades on gunner and scout, please xD


Ill remove ur acc, kbai.



I think they should put an announcement about this on the starting page of FFT so everyone can know. Otherwise this is not fair for the 98% of players who don’t check this forum. They will not know about this. Just my opinion.


Yeah, players that didn’t get glitched will get deranked for no reason.


Finally this is getting taken care of! Thx Andrea!:3


Yeah, now everybody can stop crying about the amount of marshals in the game.


Answer this.

I assume some people will be pissed when they notice their account become Lft. since they will not be aware of this de-mote thing. I assume then they will be ranked up if they ask? or they will be ranked up if they tell their old rank?


The plan is not to demote people without warning them or giving them a chance and the time to react about it.


When you put it that way, that sounds much better. That wasn’t explained in the original post of this thread. It sounds like everyone who doesn’t respond gets demoted and will have all classes removed except gunner.


G4. ExPandable, old rank G4. ExPandable